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Catcher’s Corner: The Gold

 Source (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Nice shot of Joe Mauer and his catcher gear oddities. Such as his “7M” on the collar and the Wilson WTA3121 skull cap. Also the wrist guard and the gold Rawlings label on his PROSCM41B glove for getting a Rawlings Gold Glove. Mauer also wears a set of Nike Pro Gold gear, the Pro Gold Chest Protector and a set of Pro Gold shin guards.


Source (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

Francisco Cervelli and his Mizuno Pro catchers gear. Cervelli also wears a Nike mask with his Mizuno Mizuno G2 pads. Cervelli also uses a Mizuno Global Elite Series GXC10. As we can see here.

Source (Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

Martin Maldonado has went from a navy System 7 CP30PRO protector to a gold protector. A few thoughts:

First of all I don’t like how the shin guards don’t match the protector. Looks like those Easton Rival protectors you can flip while the shin guards stay the same color. Doesn’t look quite right.

Second I don’t like how the gold on the MVP4000 and the CP30PRO aren’t the same color. The chest protector kind of looks like Butternut Crunch ice cream while the helmet looks like actual gold.

Third I’m just not a huge fan of light chest protectors. But I do like how he has “Maldy 12” on his collar. Nice touch.

Source  (Mike McGinnis/Getty Images North America)

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