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Every REV1X Glove Worn by Francisco Lindor in 2021

The Rawlings REV1X half-leather, half-synthetic glove stands out more than any glove since Nike’s tantalizing—but failed—glove experiment in the mid-2010s. While George Springer still wears the Nike relic with shoelaces supporting the web, the Vapor360 glove never gathered any momentum in the baseball-playing community.

That’s where the REV1X is different.

REV1X worn by Francisco Lindor

If a glove is not finished until it makes a play, then the Nike glove was never done. Francisco Lindor‘s REV1X, however, is making plays for one of the best shortstops in the world.

And on top of that, its not like Lindor’s leaning on just one glove, like 99.999% of baseball players do.

He’s gaming one design after the other. The word is that he as at least 12 of them, continues to design more with Rawlings Director of Professional Baseball Services Stevie Cohen, and we’ve photographed six in the first month of the season.

That says something about Lindor’s confidence as a defender, for sure, which is as high as any ballplayer. Its true that a handful of elite players would make the play no matter what was on their hands. Yet its still shocking to see a superstar defender switching gloves like basketball players switch shoes.

Teal NY Skyline

While we’ve gotten some more details on the REV1X that we can’t disclose just yet, you can be sure that this glove is as different “under the hood” as it is visually. We’re excited to learn more about it with you over the coming weeks, but until then, enjoy what we’ve seen so far in Lindor’s first month in NY & sign-up for more info at Rawlings.com — you will start to see Rawlings open up about this secretive project imminently.

Blue NY Skyline
Rainbow Animal Print
Teal NY Skyline
Heat Map/Weird Green One
Tie-dye? This one might be a (smaller) trainer glove
Flor de Maga (Puerto Rico’s National Flower)

Which is your favorite REV1X?

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