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@GameSigns: The Cure for Cross-Ups (+ WPW Discount!)

Source: Keith Allison

Joe Mauer using GameSigns.  Source: Keith Allison

“I have gotten crossed up in the past, and there is no worse feeling than running after the ball while 40,000 people are booing.” 

That’s Chris Stewart of the New York Yankees, and he’s right. During night games catcher signals can often be hard to see in the shadows. Pitchers have to know what pitch to throw, and middle infielders adjust their position slightly based on the catcher’s call. With Game Signs Signal Enhancement stickers, you can eliminate any mis-communications and ensure everyone will be on the same page. It won’t be necessary to paint your fingers with messy whiteout, or get a manicure (I’m not kidding). Game Signs stickers go on before the game and come off when you want them to. You’re lying to yourself if these stickers won’t help you and your pitcher get on the same page.

Game Sign stickers come in four different colors, optic white, optic orange, optic yellow, optic pink, and they also come in a variety pack. The stickers are sold in packs of 100 and don’t affect your ability to throw the baseball.  Jarrod Saltalamacchia opts for the whites like Mauer:

GameSigns is offering WPW readers an exclusive 10% discount to give them a try.  Go to GameSigns.com and enter WPWVIP for the discount.

Here is a Vine of John Buck giving signals during a night game. Must be a runner on second because of the sequence of signs, but you can see the stickers clear as day. If you want you and your pitcher to be more confident and focused on what you have to do, give these a try, they’ll make your night games much easier.


I love you Russell Martin, but catchers should not wear nail polish, or be featured on a nail blog.  Don’t make the same mistake, try GameSigns and don’t forget the WPWVIP discount code.

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