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Louisville Slugger Claims #1 Spot at All Star Game, But Were They?

I saw this little ad on Facebook today, Louisville claiming it was the “#1 bat at the All Star Game… 80 years and counting.”

Source: Louisville Slugger

Source: Louisville Slugger’s Facebook Page

Being that I’ve personally researched just about every one of those dudes’ equipment choices, I wasn’t so sure about Slugger’s boastfulness, and I couldn’t just stand by and let them pull the veil over our eyes.  Not on my watch!

So I went to work.  I reviewed every single batter that stepped up to the plate that night, I tallied up the choices, and the results may surprise you.

In ascending order, here are the bats that were actually swung in the All Star Game, and the players that swung them (Disclaimer: This is not a list of what they’re swinging now, this is what they swung that night, so please hold your comments and trust me.  I got this one right.):

Zinger, Tucci (1 each)

Source: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images North America

Source: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images North America

Salvador Perez swung the first Zinger bat we’ve seen on WPW, and Tulo (profile) swung a Tucci.

Chandler (2)

Source: Hunter Martin/Getty Images North America

Source: Hunter Martin/Getty Images North America

As we know, Chandler dominated the Derby, but the rising star wasn’t as prevalent in the Midsummer Classic, swung by Bryce (profile) and Domonic Brown.

Rawlings, Old Hickory (3)

Source: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images North America

Source: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images North America

Along with Hunter, Joe Mauer (profile) and Allen Craig swung the “Big Stick.”  These guys are more of a dying breed.  Not a lot of young guys swinging Rawlings if any.

Source: Jeff Gross/Getty Images North America

Source: Jeff Gross/Getty Images North America

Trout (profile), Paul Goldschmidt (profile), and Cano (profile) stepped in with an Old Hickory for the ASG, though Cano made more contact with his knee than the Old Hick.

Sam Bat (4)

Source: Jason Miller/Getty Images North America

Source: Jason Miller/Getty Images North America

Along with the Indians breakout 2B Jason Kipnis, CarGo (profile), Miggy (profile), and Jean Segura (profile) swung Sam Bat for the ASG.  A strong showing for the company made famous by Barry Bonds more than a decade ago.

Louisville Slugger (11)

Source: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images North America

Source: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images North America

Louisville Slugger is clearly one of the most popular bats in the Bigs, there’s no doubting that; however, if you’re going to claim the #1 spot, check your facts.  That night, Louisville Slugger was swung by Pedro Alvarez, Chris Davis (profile), David Wright (profile), Buster Posey (profile), Brandon Phillips (profile), Joey Votto (profile), Michael Cuddyer, Carlos Gomez, Nelson Cruz (profile), Adam Jones (profile), and Alex Gordon.  Eleven guys.  One less than…

Marucci (12)

Source: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images North America

Source: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images North America

The true #1 bat of the All Star Game, Marucci was swung by twelve guys that night, including Beltran (profile), McCutchen (profile), Matt Carpenter, Yadi Molina (profile), Dustin Pedroia (profile), Manny Machado (profile), Prince Fielder (profile), Jose Bautista (profile), David Ortiz (profile), Edwin Encarnacion, Jhonny Peralta, and JJ Hardy.  Note: WPW reader Vic brought it to my attention that Encarnacion swung Louisville his first AB.  I saw his 2nd AB in which he was swinging Marucci, and he’s been swinging Marucci for multiple seasons, so I credited Marucci.  I still wanted to thank Vic for his input.

So there ya have it.  Marucci takes the crown and Louisville’s self-proclaimed 80 year streak is snapped.  What about previous seasons though?  This was a good preliminary break-down, but I’d like to dig deeper into Louisville’s claims that they’ve been number one for 80 years running.  I spoke with our resident bat historian, Rocky, about this, and he mentioned that Louisville might not have been number one for the last few years.  We’re going to dig deeper into that one and get back to you (we did the research and its here).

This goes to show you that just because the MLB enterprise is pushing a product doesn’t mean that the masters of the game will blindly choose it.    Its this exact situation that WPW exists: so you can see what the best athletes in the world are going to war with—without the marketing bullshit.


  1. Edwin encarnacion swung slugger at the asg making them the #1 bat at the all star game

    1. I saw him swinging Marucci during the game, and he has been swinging Marucci all season.

  2. I know he swings marucci during the season but he used this bat in the game…


    1. If you saw him use that in the game I’m not doubting you. I saw that photo too. Maybe that was his first AB. But I saw him swinging Marucci in his second AB and Marucci has been the bat he’s used for multiple seasons, so in my opinion, Marucci should get the credit for it.

      1. ya i only saw his first AB…. maybe the fact that he hit into a DP made him go back to marucci

        1. credited you in the post for bringing that up. thanks vic.

  3. how about a carl crawford profile he is onteam jordan

  4. Great post. But, I guess its a tie with Encarnacion going up with different sticks. Marucci only makes decent bats for pros, and sell us crap. Slugger is at least up front with their product lines and various quality levels. #slugger4life

    1. Thanks a lot for looking, Tom. I swing Marucci and I don’t believe they sold me crap. Edwin has been swinging Marucci for years without deviation (that I’ve noticed), so I think its safe to assume that there was some benefit other than hitting that persuaded Edwin to use Louisville his first AB. I credited Marucci for that reason.

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