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Mike Trout’s Trout 4 Cleats and Turfs Unveiled

Trout 4 ASG Cleats

The 4th edition of Mike Trout’s self-titled cleats, the Zoom Trout 4, has been unveiled for the All-Star Game in Miami this year.

Trout 4 ASG Cleats 2

No, this is not a football cleat, but it certainly looks like the design is inspired by Nike Football.  Trout was once offered a full ride to LSU to be their running back, so maybe he’s taking his old gridiron style onto the diamond.

My first instinct is that these are sharp but lack the “shine” of previous Trout cleats.  I’m sure that they’re great performers, but, because of the 4’s predecessors, I have come to expect a fearless edge to Trout’s signature cleat.  I expect to see something I’ve never seen before, like the original Trout and Trout 2:

FSU Trout 2 Cleats (1)

The 4s just seem like the ones that coach would want, and I like them less because of it.

Who cares what I think, though.  What do you think?

Eastbay seems to have delayed the release until tomorrow, but the Trout 4 cleat and turf are available on Nike.com (link for the turf).  You can cop a “Pro” and “Big Kids” version of the Trout 4 cleats on Nike.com too.

Trout 4 ASG Cleats 3

Trout 4 ASG Cleats 4

And here’s the turf:

Trout 4 ASG Turf

The Trout 4 turfs are even a little more “safe” than the cleat without that more aggressive collar.

Trout 4 ASG Turf 2

Mike Trout 4 ASG Turf 3

Trout 4 ASG Turf 4

We’ll get more info out on these as soon as we have it.

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