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New Rawlings Pro Preferred Pro Label – Now with Full Mesh


As gloveheads go, there are few topics as polarizing as mesh.  Some players can’t get enough of this synthetic material and some want it eradicated from the Earth. Despite your opinion on mesh, its benefits cannot be ignored: it is mathematically proven to reduce your glove’s weight by up to 15%.

If you’re in the mesh camp, the new Rawlings Pro Preferred Pro Label might be your next glove. Instead of the decorative mesh style available on the custom builder, the latest Pro Label model has full mesh – a style formerly only available to pros.


This full mesh encompasses the back, the entirety of both the thumb and pinky (compared to Rawlings decorative mesh’s half covering of these areas), and the wrist, maximizing mesh’s weight-saving properties. Lower weight = more control. 


This black mesh is part of a seemingly normal black, camel, and red colorway. But this colorway is far from typical – the camel palm has red palm stamping, a feature never before available to the public.  In addition to the distinct palm, this colorway has red hand sewn welting on the thumb and pinky. This luxurious feature both looks good and makes a more comfortable feel for your thumb and pinky.

Lastly, the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS205-6CM is an 11.75″ PRO205 pattern glove with an H-web. With the aforementioned length and web, a medium pocket depth, and squared-off heel design, this glove is perfect for shortstops or third basemen. 


Put simply, the Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS205-6CM is one of the most unique gloves Rawlings currently offers, and you can shop the second generation Pro Label Model here.

Rawlings Pro Label Mesh Glove

While you’re at it, check out our article on the first iteration of the Pro Label model, the Rawlings Pro Preferred/Heart of the Hide PRO204-2BCC.

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