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WPW On-Field: Diamondbacks @ Rockies

Patrick Corbin Trout 2 Cleats

WPW was on-field for the Rockies home series vs. the D-Backs.  This is what it looked like through our lens.

Patrick Corbin keeping the Trout 2 alive.  I wonder, will there ever be a day when Nike sells Trout Retros like they do Jordans?  I could see the Trout 2 turf selling 20 years from now easy.

Nolan Arenado Practice

In the least surprising news, Nolan Arenado doesn’t take a day off.

Carlos Gonzalez B45 Bat 2017

Carlos Gonzalez’ B45 Birch CG5 is a thing of beauty and looks even better with Cargo’s always flawless tape-jobs.  Always.

Carlos Gonzalez Cleats and Gloves

Hard to be sure but these might be all-molded Vapor Ultrafly which would be a new thing for those who can’t play metals.  These are hybrids normally.

Ian Desmond Swing

Ian Desmond is wearing the Mizuno Dominant IC on his feet, which is available in a reverse colorway to Desmond’s.  Desmond’s also seems to have a different plate.  (We’ve updated his gear)

Nolan Arenado Batting Gloves 2017

Nolan Arenado still can’t be touched right now as far as gear.  The gloves now are just insanely unbelievably sick.  Nobody can beat ’em I’m sorry.

Nolan Arenado Mint Batting Gloves

Its just not happening.

AJ Pollock Hitting 2017

AJ Pollock is still wearing these crazy armored batting gloves that protect the knuckles.


We saw him in 2015 with them as well, and I dig ’em.  Don’t they look a little bit like Hulk Hands?  Also great in case you need to Mike Tyson somebody.


(in 2015)

AJ Pollock Gold Glove

AJ Pollock’s Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS27HFKB now has gold labels on it.  And he likes smoothies.  As do I, AJ.

Jake Lamb Rawlings Single Post

The Single Post (cross-web?) is showing up a lot.  We’re seeing it at shortstop with Carlos Correa’s Wilson.  Second base with Dustin Pedroia, and its always had a faction with at third.  When you watch it this closely, things like this just stand out.  Maybe its the Tulo effect?

Troy Tulowitzki Glove 3

Who knows but its there for sure.

Ender Inciarte Glove 2017

Something about that finely aged Wilson leather.  Like a fine wine!

Ender Inciarte must have left a glove with the Diamondbacks, and that’s not one you throw out.  It reminds us of Brian Dozier’s (who’s gear is available exclusively in the WPW app):


Shop Dozier’s glove here.

Gerardo Parra Training Glove

Gerardo Parra looks like he uses this crazy little thing for training.  His Wilson KP92 is also fire:

Gerardo Parra Wilson Glove 2017

You can customize a KP92 here.

Gerardo Parra Trout 3 Cleats

Parra has so much sneaky swag out there and you just have to wonder again if the Rockies are the freshest team in baseball.  Trout “Trout” 3s deserve more credit.  Doesn’t hurt that they’re in first place either.

Brandon Drury Nike SHA DO Glove

Brandon Drury sneaky had the set that stood out to me the most.  His Nike SHA DO Elite J glove was a surprise for a middle infielder.  Only one other guy wears the SHA DO, Ian Kinsler.  I have a SHA DO Elite J thanks to Rob Refsnyder, and the glove is stiff to say the least.  Probably long-lasting leather, but difficult to tame.

You can find the SHA DO Elite J on eBay.

Paul Goldschmidt Rawlings Glove 2017

Goldschmidt in some new Nike customs.  You can shop a very similar cleat, the Nike Clipper, here.

Paul Goldschmidt Nike Cleats 2017

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