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WPW Throwbacks: Alan Trammell’s Louisville Slugger U1 Flare Knob

Editor’s Note: I’m happy to report that we got a nice response from our casting call for writers this week, so you should see a few more contributors in the coming days.  The additions will make WPW a more dynamic place.  Making his debut today is Rocky, a gear historian who will lend a history angle to our efforts here. Rocky is the kind of baseball equipment junkie who has actually had the discussion with his wife of whether his ashes should be put in a vintage model glove or his current infield gamer (She’s leaning towards the DiMaggio model).  Rocky teaches history (go figure), plays wood bat in Southern California, and is an avid follower of the Detroit Tigers.  We’re thrilled to have him.

More in the vein of “What Pros Wore” is a look at the bat used by legendary Detroit Tiger shortstop and current Arizona Diamondback bench coach Alan Trammell.

Trammell preferred a flared-knob bat like the Louisville Slugger U1, a style you rarely see in the Bigs today (Prince has used them but not recently).

trammel louisville slugger U1Trammel flare knob

The U1 was reportedly created for “Frenchy” Uhult, who played 57 games with the 1934 White Sox, but was popularized by others, such as: Ted Williams, Willie Stargell, and Roberto Clemente. (Great read about Clemente’s bats for ESPN’s Outside the Lines)clemente-bat

Like most Slugger models, the bat was copied by other companies.  Adirondack created the 332 model, Cooper the D143, and Worth the WC127.  You will not be able to buy those new, but the U1 is offered, but probably on a very limited basis.

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