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WPW’s 7 Favorite Gloves at the All-Star Game: Salvy, Altuve, Bregman, Segura

The All Star Game is full of new equipment.  Special ASG Uniforms. New Cleats. Painted bats, special edition batting gloves.  There’s only one piece of equipment that most players don’t switch up for the Mid Season Classic: their Fielding Gloves.

Here are WPW’s favorites from the 2018 All-Star Game.

Catcher: Salvador Perez

The first time we ever saw the Carbon Fiber look on a glove was on a Shane Victorino Nike glove:

Shane Victorino Glove by ReconBeatLab

We never saw that glove on an MLB field, and there’s a good chance that, at that time, it wouldn’t have been allowed.  In 2018, the rules have loosened and Salvador Perez is taking full advantage.  He’s got the flashiest catcher’s mitts ever made, and he’s currently favoring a carbon fiber version designed with the help of @supremegloves.

Perez’ piece is a black and royal blue Rawlings PROSP13 Mitt 32.5″ length with carbon fiber shell.  Drop in the Gold Labels, and this might be the perfect glove for an All-Star Game.  There’s nothing of this sort available to you, but you can check out Perez’ more standard options here.

1st Base: Paul Goldschmidt

Goldschmidt’s glove has been a favorite of ours for years. Goldschmidt continues to dazzle with his bat and his simple, yet beautiful glove.  It’s one of our favorite 1B models, too: the 13″ DCT.

Get it here.

2nd Base: Jose Altuve

Altuve’s been rocking this blonde, navy blue, and orange glove all year. And quite simply, it’s an amazing looking glove.

It performs well, too, as its 11.5″ length and 1716 Pattern Construction is perfect for 2nd Base.

Get it here.

3rd Base: Alex Bregman

You weren’t expecting only Rawlings and Wilson on this list, were you?

Despite an uphill climb to compete with Wilson and Rawlings in the Bigs, Easton is on the rise. Exhibit 1: Alex Bregman’s D32AB Glove.

It’s a beauty in Astros’ colors, 11 3/4″ inches, and just goes to show that Easton is makings some giants leaps forward in little time.  For more details on this glove, see this page or go to EastonSmallBatch.com.

Shortstop: Jean Segura

It was so hard to beat Brandon Crawford’s blonde and black beauty… but Jean Segura’s black and gold glove might have done it.

It has black leather. Gold welting and Binding. And even a nice touch of Mesh.

Its a Rawlings Pro Preferred Pro Mesh PROSPL217KB-2KB 12″ glove, one that, due to its large size/Pro Mesh/pattern combo, is not available to the civilian ballplayer.  However, you can pick up a similar looking Rawlings glove here.

Outfield: Bryce Harper

Bryce hasn’t been using some of the other stunners in his Collection, but his current gamer is still too nice to pass on.  Its a Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROHARP34, 12 3/4″ length.

Here’s what it looked like brand new in 2016:

You can get it here.

Outfield: Mookie Betts

We’ve liked Betts’ glove every year. But this year’s is probably the nicest of them all.

With navy, blonde, and even some Red Superskin, it’s a stunner.

And it’s an awesome outfield model, too, with a 12.75″ length and solid 1799 Pattern Construction.

If you want one, get it here.

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