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WPW’s Baseball Wish List (Updated)

As we spend much of our waking hours looking at baseball gear, we come across some things we love (and some we don’t). Starting with WPW founder Mike and then our glove expert Ben, here are our favorite products right now.

Mizuno Pro Dominant Knit | $125

I’ve said it for years, Mizuno stays underrated, and these cleats have the sneaky swag that I like most.

The cleat also looks comfy as hell. I loved the Heist IQ a few seasons ago and this looks even better. I prefer the all-business blacked out colorway, $125 at MizunoSports.com.

Kiermaier-inspired Rawlings Custom Glove | $380

Rawlings offers a platinum oval Kiermaier model, but that one feels like its missing that Rays baby blue that I need to really show out. I wish I could get the platinum oval on this one, too, but these black labels look so good on Deivi Garcia’s murdered out Rawlings that I will happily settle.

PRO303 because its the MLB standard outfield glove.

I put my teammate Ken Hale’s number, who recently died after fighting off Leukemia three times, on the ring finger. He founded the wood bat league that I’ve played in for the last decade. In his last game as a player, he went 6 for 6. Long Live the Godfather!

I also went with a finger hood over the middle finger so I can wear this with two in the pinky stall while protecting my index finger on front dives, and Pro Mesh for weight savings (and swag). Shop this glove for $380 here.

New Balance OMN1S ‘Baited’ (Kawhi) | StockX / Goat

New Balance recently dropped the new Kawhi’s, and they’re so forgettable that it made me think back on how smooth the original Kawhi shoe was. This colorway in particular just kills it. Available on the aftermarket: StockX / Goat | Check out Kawhi’s entire sneaker history here.

Chappy’s New Gamer | $380

Ever since Chappy showed me his new game model Wilson A2K MC26 at Spring Training, I was sold on it. So unique, subtly swagged out. The yellow “W” with green outline over the snakeskin is crazy. $380 at Wilson.com.

Here’s the day I first laid eyes on it:

I gotta say, blame it on 2020, but the MLB Shop is looking rough right now. I must have scrolled for two hours and barely raised an eyebrow at what’s out there. This White Sox Ligature Hat is one of the only winners for me…

And the Phillies Ligature Hat is cool, too.

100% Hypercraft in Stone Grey | $195

Made famous by Fernando Tatis, the 100% Hypercraft sunglasses look feather-light, sturdy, and efficient. I dislike the overly aggressive-looking sunglasses that Nike and Oakley make for baseball, and 100% has some that are too much for me, too—but these Hypercrafts are just right. I like how they don’t have any excess bulk over the nose because I prefer to keep my sunglasses on when I’m photographing an afternoon game, but can’t if the shades are too bulky there.

Ben’s List

Wilson A2000 USA 1786 | $300

I’m a big Stars and Stripes fan. You could put the flag on just about anything and I’m on board. Combining the USA flag with America’s pastime—that’s a match made in heaven.

This blindingly patriotic 1786 is 11.5″ inches, perfect for middle infielders as long as you’re okay with being a little flashy.

The alternating finger stripes make a strong case for themselves for uniqueness alone, but my favorite feature has to be the bolded American flag thumb logo. You can pick up this beauty for $300 from Wilson.

Rawlings PRO6HF-1HT | $260

From one of the flashiest gloves out there to one of the most classic. The Rawlings PRO6HF-1HT is a 12″ fastback with a single post web. This combination is a tough one to come by in 2020.

If What Pros Wear was around 30 years ago, we would have covered a glove just like this worn by the Iron Man, Cal Ripken Jr.

The pattern was then adopted by the next great shortstop, Alex Rodriguez, who idolized Cal Ripken Jr. This retro beauty is a change of pace from the kaleidoscope of colors we see on ball gloves today. This Softball Fans exclusive is rare on top being iconic. With only 99 made, $260 for this Horween gem is a steal.

Custom Rawlings PRO303 | $380

Editor’s Note: I swear we didn’t plan this!

The PRO303 from Rawlings is one of my favorite outfield patterns. Personally, I like to wear my infield gloves straight up and my outfield gloves two in the pinky. This deepens the pocket of the 303 pattern beautifully and creates a secure pocket that will lock in the ball.

My wish list custom is a Heart of the Hide PRO3039FS-22. This Finger Shift model was designed to be worn two in the pinky. I created this as a tribute to my dog. Her name, Nova, on the thumb and her adoption date, 10/21/2019, on the ring finger add a little extra personalization to this PRO303.

Here is the pup behind the leather. You can customize your own Heart of the Hide PRO303FS for $380.

Victus TATIS23 Blackhawk | $250

The TATIS23 from Victus features a large barrel and a medium handle. This end-loaded model also features a flared knob, a favorite of mine along with the Axe handle.

This bomb- and jaw-dropping bat is a limited run and is available for $250 from Victus’ website.

100% Speedcraft | $175

I’m a big believer that it’s the little details that make all the difference. 100% sunglasses have took the world by storm because they turn heads, and can really take your swag up a notch.

The Speedcraft is my favorite frame and this icy colorway is ridiculously clean. Pair that with the mirrored lenses and you have some of the best looking sunglasses available today. 100% offers these for $175 on their website.

Update: A few late additions from @thebatarmory‘s Christian:

Sam Bat One-Handed Trainer | $30

The One-Handed Trainer is great for getting your swing locked in. It is intentionally weighted heavily to increase forearm and wrist strength. Using the trainer for soft toss and tee work can be a great tool for evaluating your bat path for each hand individually. Currently, the trainer is on sale for $30 on Sam Bat’s site.

Pelican Bat Wax Pine Stick | $16

The PBW Pine Stick is a great option for hitters who want the pine tar stick without the mess. The push tube design makes application easy and is durable enough to withstand the most strenuous of seasons. The Pine Stick is available for $16 on their website.

This is our wish list this year. Happy Holidays! Let us know how you like it.


  1. What is the breed of the dog?

  2. Nova is about as mutt as it comes. Her DNA test says that she has cocker spaniel, malamute, keeshond, husky, and a few others.

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