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Its been a blistering start to the year, with big announcements from adidas (signing Correa) and Under Armour (The Harper One), setting the stage for an all-out war for baseball footwear supremacy that we will all reap rewards from.  It is because of this competition that we are now entering a “Golden […]

WPW is stepping it up into the 21st century with our first foray into video. WHAT PROS WEAR HAS A YOUTUBE CHANNEL (SUBSCRIBE HERE) Our first topic, metal vs molded (plastic) cleats, is tackled by our resident pro, former Nats AAA pitcher Josh Wilkie.  Check it out, and please comment on the […]

By Ben Stockton As intensely interested as I am in footwear, I have always had an eye on the cleats worn by MLB players. I’ve asked myself, is every brand equally represented in baseball?  Do the top-, mid-, and lower-tier players wear equal amounts of each brand? How do those brands fluctuate over time? […]

Dating back to the days of Old Hoss Radbourn, the Top 10 players in baseball has been a hotly debated topic. In recent years, Mike Trout seemed to have the title under lock and key, but this year his face-of-baseball rival, Bryce Harper, has nearly taken that crown by force, producing a […]

Editor’s Note: Lately we’ve been trying to offer some objective assistance on your 2014 footwear choices.  Those are our choices, but are they indicative of pro baseball at large?  In this article, Daniel Klein is taking you into the Blue Jays Spring Training headquarters in Dunedin, FL to see the top […]

There comes a time when you’ve looked at enough cleats, just based on sheer hours of time spent, that your opinion on the subject has to matter.  These are the best baseball cleats for the 2014 season, from 6 people who spend too much damn time looking at baseball cleats. […]

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