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As we grit our teeth through the very brief moments of sunlight we get this winter (at least here in the northeast), we certainly find ourselves longing for those bright summer days just a little bit extra. Let’s look back at the different brands, styles, and colorways of shades that […]

Nike has unveiled Mike Trout’s newest signature cleat, the Force Zoom Trout 6, available on Eastbay for $70-$130.  The Trout 6 cleat brings new technology to the diamond thanks to feedback from baseball’s most electric player, Mike Trout. Let’s take a look at some of the key features. When sitting […]

The best baseball player in the galaxy, Mike Trout, takes What Pros Wear on a locker tour, showing off his glove, signature cleats (Trout 5), bat, and batting gloves. Mike also tells WPW what music he likes to listen to before and after games. Let us know what you think […]

Mike Trout and Nike have released the Nike Force Zoom Trout 5 cleats and turfs in time for Trout’s 7th All-Star Game in as many seasons.  Shop the Trout 5 cleats and turfs here. The Nike Force Zoom Trout 5 is a showstopper, just like its predecessors.  What stands out […]

Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers visited Mike Trout’s Angels and this is how we saw it. Note: You won’t see any Shohei Ohtani in this post because we covered his gear in a recent article. Kershaw need not fuss with equipment changes, wearing the same Wilson A2000 CK22 since 2008 and […]

Shohei Ohtani looked like a kid in a candy store when WPW visited Tempe Diablo Stadium for Dodgers vs Angels, and wouldn’t you be having fun, too? Ohtani is a kid from the other side of the world and now he’s living out his dream, playing beside Mike Trout, the […]

Just a quick run-down for you on the holiday deals and steals… if you know of any others, DM us @whatproswear for your fellow ballplayers: Today is the last day to order a Rawlings custom to get it before Christmas. WPW hats and shirts by Routine now $20 a pop.  Send […]

BY IAN BURGESS Ever since 2014, Mike Trout has been the face of Nike Baseball. Starting with the Nike Lunar Vapor Trouts, Mike became the first ballplayer since Ken Griffey, Jr. to get a signature cleat. It was a show-stopper. In 2015, the Zoom Trout 2 cleat AND TURF made Trout […]

The 4th edition of Mike Trout’s self-titled cleats, the Zoom Trout 4, has been unveiled for the All-Star Game in Miami this year. No, this is not a football cleat, but it certainly looks like the design is inspired by Nike Football.  Trout was once offered a full ride to […]

WPW was on-field for Mother’s Day at Angels Stadium, and as you could imagine, the pink was on full blast.  A lot of game-used Mother’s Day stuff is up for auction via MLB to benefit various charities.  As for our run-down, you might want to throw on some sunglasses for this. […]

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