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Trout 4 ASG Cleats and Turf Spread (All Available)

Nike Trout 4 ASG 2017


Ever since 2014, Mike Trout has been the face of Nike Baseball. Starting with the Nike Lunar Vapor Trouts, Mike became the first ballplayer since Ken Griffey, Jr. to get a signature cleat.

mike trout rainbow trout nike cleats

It was a show-stopper.


In 2015, the Zoom Trout 2 cleat AND TURF made Trout swag possible outside the lines.   The fan-favorite blueprint colorway was really the first of its kind, outlining Trout’s career numbers.

Mike Trout MVP 2016 Cleats 3

2016 brought the Zoom Trout 3 cleat and turf, my personal favorite. Many even went as far as comparing the turf model to Kobe basketball shoes.

Gary Sanchez Trout 4 Turfs

With All-Star week comes the release of the Zoom Trout 4.  The above turf worn by Gary Sanchez before the Derby is only one of the colorways debuting for All-Star AND available to us regular humans.

Nike Trout 4 ASG Cleats 6

These colorways will certainly stand out, however, this shoe looks a little too clunky and box-like for me, and I would have liked to see more than just “NIKE” on the medial side of the shoes. For me, it can’t beat the over-the-top awesome design of the Trout 3 cleats and turfs, but who cares what I think.  If you like ’em, you can buy the blue/volt colorway here, and the other links can be found below.

Trout 4 ASG Turf 3

Chrome Colorway (You’ll see this one tonight) – SHOP HERE

Nike Trout 4 ASG Cleats 2

South Beach Cleat Colorway – SHOP HERE

Trout 4 ASG Turf and Cleats

South Beach Turf Colorway – SHOP HERE


Mahi-Mahi Colorway – SHOP HERE


Which is your fave?

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