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Nationally-reknowned youth baseball factory Phenom Baseball showed off a turf we’ve never seen before on Instagram recently, and they called it the Trout 3.  We weren’t sure about it, and though we asked Mike Trout himself (WPW follower), we still hadn’t confirmed it. Then Nike Baseball posted this video: Headed out for […]

God’s honest truth, I have never even considered buying a turf shoe. They’re real fancy and all, but I have shoes that serve the same purpose, they just aren’t called turfs. The Trout 2s have changed that for me. I want the Trout 2s to be my shoes, like for […]

Another quick Nike update for you…  The Huarache 2KFilth is now available on NIKEiD, and they’ve got some interesting options for you. I really love the silver plate, and this all-black with volt really popped for me, too.  I added the silver speckle to the plate because why the heck […]

UNC-style is a favorite of mine.  Shop them here. If you told me that Nike was going to do a “Rainbow Trout” style before showing me, I would have scoffed at it.  “Another clownish style for dudes that chug the Nike Kool-Aid,” I would have said. And I would have […]

The Nike Lunar Trout 2 hasn’t gotten any airtime this postseason, which is kind of sad.  I feel like the people deserve to see it in some more exciting colorways so we can really see Mike Trout’s new cleat at its best.  Luckily, so does Nike. They recently published images […]

BY BEN STOCKTON The second Nike Lunar Trout has been unveiled… MY OH MY IS IT AMAZING! Yet again highlighting the ridges inherent to the Lunarlon midsole design, this rendition is the shoe that the Lunar Trout 1 should have been. A unique aesthetic, a beautiful design, (likely) a performance beast, this […]

Below is everything we could find on it.  The cleat and turf will drop October 3 for the low, low price of $140 dollars for the cleat and $120 for the turf.  The “Blueprint” version you see will be exclusive to Nike.com and others will be available elsewhere.  Later on we’ll […]

By Ben Stockton As intensely interested as I am in footwear, I have always had an eye on the cleats worn by MLB players. I’ve asked myself, is every brand equally represented in baseball?  Do the top-, mid-, and lower-tier players wear equal amounts of each brand? How do those brands fluctuate over time? […]

Editor’s Note: Lately we’ve been trying to offer some objective assistance on your 2014 footwear choices.  Those are our choices, but are they indicative of pro baseball at large?  In this article, Daniel Klein is taking you into the Blue Jays Spring Training headquarters in Dunedin, FL to see the top […]

There comes a time when you’ve looked at enough cleats, just based on sheer hours of time spent, that your opinion on the subject has to matter.  These are the best baseball cleats for the 2014 season, from 6 people who spend too much damn time looking at baseball cleats. […]

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