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Editor’s Note: Lately we’ve been trying to offer some objective assistance on your 2014 footwear choices.  Those are our choices, but are they indicative of pro baseball at large?  In this article, Daniel Klein is taking you into the Blue Jays Spring Training headquarters in Dunedin, FL to see the top […]

It was an interesting year with lots of changes and oddities. The front brim skull cap made plenty of appearances and catchers really started to switch masks because of concussions. Like in football, things are starting to change. People are becoming more aware of the back swings to the head […]

Source Another day, another catcher makes a concussion-related switch. Only this time, the switch was made because of the threat of a concussion, not because of an actual one. Travis d’Arnaud switched from an Under Armour Traditional mask to a hockey-style mask as a preventative measure for head injuries. He wanted more coverage […]

While churning out content for WPW, I’ve noticed a trend about Under Armour that all of their products seem to support: their desire to push the envelope.  With three decades of dominance, it has become near-conventional wisdom that Nike makes the best athletic products.  Its something most of us were […]

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