@NickSwisher’s New Balance 4040v2 Cleats are Next Level (via @NB_Baseball)

Nick Swisher's New Balance 4040v2 Cleats

Our guy at New Balance told me to be excited for the 4040v2 player exclusive cleats being unveiled this year, and today we all know he wasn’t lying.


Love the icons on the fabric inside of the heel.  The Cleveland skyline is a nice touch for the fan-favorite and hometown guy Swish, and, the shoe in general is just so clean.

Swisher’s 4040v2s are NB Baseball‘s best work yet, and there’s more to come.  We should have plenty more exclusive looks at these as the season approaches.

Shop 4040v2s here.

When we were moving servers, some of our posts were deleted, one of them being the last NB exclusive post.  So I am reposting the cleats here (that won’t happen again):

Who’s got the freshest pair?

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