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15 Reasons to Make it to Omaha: First Look at Evoshield’s Latest Eyewear, adidas Footwear, Nike BG’s

Evoshield Evolock Sunglasses White, Clear, Black

This post is proof that hard work pays and the currency is Swag.  We’re not talking about Everyday Swag that mom pays for.  This type of Swag can’t be bought, only earned.  Elite Swag.  And the best part about Elite Swag?

It ships early.

These are some of the never-before-seen-items to look for on College World Series ballers this weekend.  If you see something new aside from these, do the WPW community a favor and let us know.

Evoshield Evolock Sunglasses

In the photos above, WPW gives you a first look at Evoshield‘s newest batch of performance eyewear.  We just got these in this week, and we’re very intrigued to learn more about this “Seam Seeker” ball finding technology.  I have no idea what that means BUT I NEED IT.  I’ll wear ’em this weekend and report back.  The above model is the Evolock, and in the lead photo you can see the three different colorways, black, clear, and white.  One thing I appreciated is that these have adjustable nose pads so you can adjust the fit a little bit.  The first run of Evoshield eyewear sold out, so BE READY TO POUNCE on these come Saturday (this Saturday) on Evoshield.com for $89.99.

Here is the second model, the Evotracker:

Evoshield Evotracker Sunglasses

The main differences with the Evotracker that I notice:

  • thinner stem
  • nose pads not adjustable, but do form to your nose
  • $59.99 price tag ($30 less than Evolock)

Along with the Evolock, expect to see the Evotracker for sale at Evoshield.com on Saturday.

A nice little detailing for Omaha, the Texas Longhorns will wear these special leg guards on Saturday.

adidas Energy Boost Icon_1 adidas Energy Boost Icon_2

As they did last CWS, adidas will unveil their latest cleat technology in Omaha and on the feet of the Louisville Cardinals and the UC Irvine Anteaters.  The adidas Energy Boost Icon cleat borrows from adidas running technology to offer what adidas Director of Baseball, Aaron Kahn, calls “energy return” that will help the wearer to sustain the “spring” in his step for 9 innings.

Louisville backstop Shane Crain sent us over some shots of his own pair so we could get a less psychedelic look:

adidas Energy Boost Cleats

adidas tells us these will be on sale at Eastbay.com tomorrow (6.13).

And here’s a shot of Louisville’s trainers for good measure:

These are the Energy Boost 2, available online already.

Along with the Energy Boost Icon, adidas has released what they’re calling the “Silver Pack”…

adidas Energy Boost Icon_3

…which includes the EQT X1 and X2 bats, EQT silver batting glove and EQT silver mitt.  Expect these to be available tomorrow along with the Energy Boost Icon.

Another notable release, UT Longhorns’ Nike MVP Elite Pro 2.0 batting gloves, a style we’ve never seen before.  They’re getting these even before the Big Leaguers get ’em.  No word on if/when they’ll be released, but I have a feeling they’d sell a few.

Ole Miss got the hook up, too:

via Ole Miss IF @colbybortles

via Ole Miss IF @colbybortles

In case you were unsure, that’s the state of Nebraska on the palms.  And that’s not all the CWS teams got.  Below is the full hook-up, courtesy of Ole Miss LHP Christian Trent…

via Ole Miss P @ctrent47

via Ole Miss P @ctrent47

I’ve been wondering about that interlocking “B” logo on the hat for a while, and this makes me think its just Nike’s baseball-specific logo.  Right?

Keep an eye out for this stuff this weekend and if you see anything new let us know.


  1. Yeah, the interlocking B is Nike’s specific logo for any premium baseball product

  2. Nike apparently didn’t have a store at the CWS this year. I heard different stories of Nike only being there one day and them not being there at all.

  3. Omaha batting gloves are nice…wanna get them a lot also silver pack is unique I knew adidas made baseball stuff…never thought they would make anything like that. and the texas evoshield is sweet

  4. Will WPW update if those Nike Omaha BG’s go on sale? Those are straight fire.

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