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30 Best of Braves @ Mets Players’ Weekend: “Polar Bear,” Acuña Jr., Donaldson

Per usual, @geminikeez was combing Citi Field for swag when the rising Braves came to town.  While Pete Alonso was tying the Mets HR record, players trotted out their Players’ Weekend gear, which for a lot of them were in the works for weeks, or even months.  The #keezcam was all over it.

First up, Mr. 30-30, Ronald Acuña Jr.  On one side, a quality portrait of Acuña Jr. on the heel fading into a zebra print on the front end.  These are the 4040v5, available at Baseball Express for $100.

On the other, shoutouts.  Work by @solesbysir.

Ronald Acuña Jr. and Mike Trout are the only players to join the 30-30 club before their 22nd birthday.  Acuña Jr. is so good at baseball that he signed a $100 million dollar contract at 21 years old.  Young Money wore these, too:

Dolce & Gabbana “Sorrento” (This was back in Spring Training but I had to get these on the site.)

Ronald Acuña Jr. represented Venezuela with his Chandler stick.

Acuña Jr. had been swinging a Louisville Slugger B415C consistently to start his career, but now it seems Chandler has moved into the young star’s rotation.

Update: Acuña Jr. also swung a new model from Louisville Slugger over the weekend, the C416.  We’re waiting to hear back from Louisville’s pro department about this cut as there is no information that we could find.

Meanwhile, Pete Alonso tied the Mets HR record in uniforms he didn’t care for:


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We don’t have to wear these jerseys anymore!!!!! A new opportunity starts tomorrow with the same goal in mind. #LFGM

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The bleach whites couldn’t have matched a pair of cleats better, though.  Alonso wore these icy “Polar Bear” Alpha Huarache Elite 2s for the All-Star Game, too.  This was one of the final projects of KD Custom Kicks before it split in two, becoming @stadiumcustomkicks and @luciafootwearco.

Alonso hit his Mets-record tying blast with the same Dove Tail “Haley’s Comet” bat with which he won the 2019 HR DerbyIts a Dove Tail PA20 Axe birch that is available via DTB’s site for $400-$450.  This bat is forever a piece of Mets history.

Alonso isn’t the only Mets All-Star that swears by Dove Tail Bats.  Jeff McNeil, who famously swings a Dove Tail Bat with no knob, got it painted with a golf/palm trees theme for the occasion.

(Courtesy of @dovetailbats)

The black jerseys weren’t much more popular than the bleach whites, but in my opinion, they looked pretty good with red accents, like Josh Donaldson’s cleats, belt, batting gloves, and bat.

In some at bats during the series he wore these custom batting gloves with “Bringer of Rain” on the strap:

Both the cleats and the batting gloves were done by @smokinaces1.

Tyler Flowers might have won the day with this Force3 spider web catcher’s gear.  It was a huge risk, as it could just as easily have come out looking like a child’s halloween costume, but that’s not the case here.

The black jersey compliments the gear really well, letting the spider web jump off Flowers’ chest, while the white parts of the mask bring it all together.

As for those that did not fare so well, Ozzie Albies wore a bizarre creation that overlayed leather on top of the UA Yards that Albies normally wears.

While I appreciate the uniqueness of the method, this one didn’t pan out.

Todd Frazier, on the other hand, got @dezcustomz to cook up these “Todd Father” UA Yards.  It was a loud look that complimented the cleat really well.

On another pair, Frazier repped the Tom’s River Field of Dreams, a proposed baseball park and sports complex in Frazier’s hometown that will serve children with disabilities.  Todd has donated $50,000 to the cause.  You can donate here.

Amed Rosario tried to be GREAT with Tony the Tiger on his toe, done by @luciafootwearco.

On the other toe, Bert and Ernie.  Nothing strikes fear in the heart of an opponent like a portrait of Bert and Ernie.

If the Braves weren’t shuddering with fear from Bert and Ernie, Rosario hit ’em with the Cookie Monster.

The Nike gear worn by Wilson Ramos was made especially for the weekend.

Last but not least, Edwin “Sugar” Diaz’ adidas Icon Bounce gave a subtle and saucy nod to his homeland Puerto Rico.

Work by @stadiumcustomkicks.

So, who had the best gear?

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