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Baseball Loves Mom 2017

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Hope ya like pink because every park in the MLB is about to get lathered in it for Mother’s Day.  Franklin Sports leads us off with a couple of very pink pairs of BGs.  If you play for the Flamingos you’re in luck, they can be had at this link.

slugger moms

I have to post this every year, even though its like 3 years old now.  Such a true post by Slugger.

Franklin Powerstrap Batting Gloves Mothers Day 2017

Another look at the Powerstrap version.  I envision my mother RAKING in these.  Just absolute seeds.

Curtis Granderson New Balance Mothers Day Cleats 2017

Curtis Granderson will wear these 4040v3s in honor of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.


A very cool concept from adidas on these Afterburner 4s.  Every mother in the adidas baseball family got some love on these:


You can see the names on the main upper.  Polka dots might be a bit much but it was only a matter of time before somebody went there.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia Cleats Mothers Day 2017

Looks like Jarrod Saltalamacchia went a step further and put both his wife and his mother’s name on these beauties done by True Blue Customs, along with the names and birthday of every kid!  The storytelling on these cleats nowadays is nuts.  These are the 2K Filth.

Louisville Slugger Pink 2017 Bats

Yasmani Grandal, Grandyman, and Addison Russell will be swinging it for mom, too.  We haven’t seen Russell swing a Louisville before, but keep an eye out because, unless the rules have changed, Slugger is the official bat of MLB and therefore the only one allowed to make pink bats for game use.  If Russell is swinging pink, then its probably Slugger.

Mothers Day New Balance 2017 Cleats

New Balance didn’t go to the lengths that adidas or the custom guys did, but NB moms should be pleased by these 3000v3s (available) and what’s better is that they can be purchased with a portion of the MSRP going to Susan G. Komen.

Mothers Day New Balance Franklin

New Balance even teamed up with Franklin to include a pair of pink CFX Pros with every purchase of the pink 3000v3 cleats, which can be bought at this link.

Blake Snell Mothers Day Cleats

Blake Snell (@snellzilla4 – follow him) may have the sickest Mother’s Day cleats this year.  These 2K Filths from 303 Customs are fire and I love how they incorporate the Rays-colored flower to stay true to the jersey.

Miggy Mothers Day 2017 Cleats

Miguel Cabrera loves his Jordan 12s.  Soto Customs loves to paint.  Everybody loves mom.

Soto K Rod Mothers Day

K-Rod also had some 12s done by Soto.  I think I’d go with these as a big fan of grey/silver anything.

Victor Martinez Mothers Day

Soto stays busy.  Victor Martinez’ ode to mama comes on these Mizuno Swagger 2.  Clearly the Swagger 2 is a great cleat because V-Mart has been wearing it for several seasons.  You can get it on eBay for a great price at that link.

Gleyber Mothers Day Cleats and Gloves

Expect to see these on Nike guys, including Yanks #1 prospect Gleyber Torres who sent these through to WPW.  Pink MVP Elites are fire.


Stance Mothers Day

Stance will be all over the place too, just like they have been all year.  You can shop the socks and the hats on MLB Shop.

Brad Goldberg Mothers Day Mizuno

Brad Goldberg of the White Sox org. sent through his Mizuno Dominant IC.  Pretty sharp cleat.

Nike Clipper Mothers Day

The Clippers, last but not least, which came from an undisclosed stadium and an undisclosed individual.  WPW got “sources” now.

Which cleat would you go with?

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