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Closer Look at the Custom Evoshield Gear Worn at the ASG


So we heard about the custom straps that Evoshield put together for their All-Stars, and they showed up on guys like Joc Pederson, Bryce Harper and Brandon Crawford.

evoshield-custom-straps bryce-harper-evoshield-strap

But what stuck out a little more to us was these patterned wrist and elbow guards:

Goldy had a wrist guard on, as did Dozier:

And we also saw the elbow guard on Joc Pederson, which you can barely see here.

Evoshield has been great to us and once again sent through some great shots for us.


In the photo above you can see the elbow guard that Joc wore as well as the various wrist guard colorways done for the rest of the Evosquad.


From what we gathered, these are exclusives to the All-Stars and will not be made for sale.  I know if they were you’d be all over ’em.


  1. Mike Trout was also wearing an evoshield elbow guard (or something of a similar shape), u could see underneath his undershirt (not visible except for the outline)

  2. I was one of the winners of the custom straps but am still waiting to receive it, ill shoot you guys over some pics upon arrival

  3. Evoshield was kinda gauge with their definition of Evolution. I had no idea that this would be the result. This is why we love evoshield, it’s on their players for a few months, and then, bango, it’s available to everyone! Hey Mike, make a post on that!

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