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First Look at the New Balance 4040v3 Cleat (PHOTOS & RELEASE DETAILS)


New Balance finally lifted the curtain on the newest member of the 4040 line that launched them into the Big Leagues, the 4040v3.

Most importantly, the date for release will be 8/1, but New Balance is taking pre-orders now.  Now lets dive into the cleat.


One of the trends in the baseball equipment industry is the player-feedback approach to innovation.  New Balance seems to have incorporated that into the 4040v3 design process.  Even the inserts allude to their “Data-Driven Platform.”


NB is pushing the gold bottoms, but there are some other colors to choose from if you’re not into gold.

new-balance-4040v3-white new-balance-4040v3-black dustin-pedroia-new-balance-4040v3-cleats

These have been named the “Pedroia” 4040v3 and will include Pedey’s “DP” logo.  I am not a fan at all of the two different styles of camo.  Way too much going on there, but you can see below that its a nice-looking cleat otherwise.

dustin-pedroia-new-balance-4040v3-cleats-2 dustin-pedroia-new-balance-4040v3-cleats-3 new-balance-4040v3-blue-white new-balance-4040v3-red

The colorways above show that the upper will not be mostly one solid color, but will have some mix depending on the colorway.  You can also see that the cleats are asymmetrical, with the alternate color showing on the outside but not on the inside.


NB will also offer a mid version which could allow for more color play.  You can see above that the 4040v3s will also be available in plastic (in both mid and low cuts).

We won’t know how these perform until they release, but if the previous 4040s are any indication, they will be one of the best cleats in the game.  With that said, NB added .6 oz to this shoe from the 4040v2.  The low version will weigh in at 13.5 oz.

Since we can’t comment on performance, all I can really discuss here is the look, and frankly, I’m disappointed.  The wrap-around strap look that gave the original 4040 and 4040v2 its stealthy, low-profile look is gone, and I considered that the signature feature of the 4040 line.  Instead, New Balance, in my opinion, took a duller approach with the v3, which looks too ordinary for my tastes (especially the ones with a solid-colored upper).

I asked Jake, who does a lot of WPW’s social media and sees a ton of cleats, what he thought.  He said he liked them because of their simplicity.

I think they’re a good-looking cleat, just not what I thought the 4040 line represented.  I saw it as the cleat worn by the most explosive athlete on the field.  To me, these don’t look much different than NB’s traditional running shoe, whereas the previous 4040s were completely unique and aggressive-looking.  I’m curious to know what you guys think.

On another note, we also got a look at the turfs, and those look SICK.  SHOP THE 4040V3 and LEARN MORE ABOUT THE LINE HERE.


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