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Louisville Slugger’s Custom Bat Builder is Live and it is Spectacular

David Wright Louisville Slugger Prime W310 Bats

Louisville Slugger finally launched their GAME MODEL custom builder, which is so sick its making me want one and I didn’t think I wanted one.

Select your wood Slugger Custom Bats

I can’t give the layout of the builder a high enough score.  It was fun, it was informative, it was easy, and every possible option is at your fingertips.  It was perfect.  Even if you aren’t thinking of buying one ($170), at least MAKE ONE.  You’ll regret it if you don’t.

swing weight score louisville custom bats

If you’re still with me, the builder is amazing not only because of the options, which include Lizard Skin grips as an option for no extra charge, but because it helps you pick a bat without being able to pick up a bat.  Chances are if you’re looking at a custom, you’re probably somewhat familiar with wood bat models, but if you don’t, SluggerCustomBats.com is about as good an intro lesson as you could hope for.  At first it explains wood type, then it breaks the bats down by “Swing Weight Score,” which you should check out even if you’re not trying to buy a bat.

I’m a contact hitter and I like a balanced feel, so I normally swing a 271.  This is a slightly more end-loaded 271L.  Alex Rodriguez swings this one.

Slugger Custom Bats

My Custom

It wasn’t even a question, I was going matte black barrel , but I had a little fun with the color fade and matched my grip.  There are tons more flamboyant options, but this is my murder weapon.


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