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Show It Off: #DUCKSWAG

Oregon Trout 2 Turf 2

Source: @Ducks_Equipment on Twitter

Oregon Trout 2 Turf 3

Source: @Ducks_Equipment on Twitter

Oregon Trout 2 Turf

Source: @Ducks_Equipment on Twitter

God’s honest truth, I have never even considered buying a turf shoe. They’re real fancy and all, but I have shoes that serve the same purpose, they just aren’t called turfs. The Trout 2s have changed that for me. I want the Trout 2s to be my shoes, like for everything.  Oregon has that—in 3 different exclusive variations (photos via @ducks_equipment).  The Ducks Nike hookup is just unfair.  I’ve seen Nike designers miss on a concept and the baseball team ends up looking like astronauts, but most of the time its just copious amounts of swag as far as the eye can see.  I’ll take the black ones!  And the white ones!  I can’t even decide…

Oregon Nike Cleats 2016

The 2K Filth cleats ain’t too shabby either.

Oregon Nike Cleats

Oregon SS Mark Karaviotis (@shark_karaviotis24) got us a better look at the black ones. Are those supposed to be blades? Should I know that? Who cares it looks awesome.

Oregon Nike Batting Gloves 2016

Nike Vapor Elite Pro batting gloves.  Wondering why Oregon didn’t get the 3.0s in some crazy colorways.  Maybe something like this:

Nike Vapor Elite 3.0 Batting Gloves


Karaviotis also sent through a screenshot of his new custom glove, a Rawlings TT2. Cuz the Trouts weren’t enough…

Cal Easton Gear

Following up Oregon isn’t cool, but Cal pitcher Keaton Siomkin isn’t hurting for options either from Easton.  The Easton Stealth Core, HS7, and HS9 are all nice-looking BG’s.  My fave being the ‘murica version, which is still available.

Penn State catcher Alex Griffith (@alexgriff15) sent through a couple of Rawlings Pro Preferred chest protector and leg guards along with their Nikes.

La Salle pitcher James Santore (@jamessantore) got us a couple of good looks at his WebGemz custom Explorers glove.  A custom WebGemz glove starts at $269.99.

Mississippi State adidas Cleats

Mississippi State (@hailstatebb) has been making waves in adidas footwear for a few seasons now. They’re hoping to make another run this year in the adidas adiZero Afterburner 2.0.

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