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Total Makeover for Robbie Cano, Bryce and Ian Desmond Get New Girlfriends, Other Updates

via @mache275 (Mache Custom Kicks)

via @mache275 (Mache Custom Kicks)

A few updates that we’ve mentioned on social media, including Robbie Cano’s makeover from Nike to NB and Franklin.

Above are two custom pairs done by Mache Custom Kicks, the first hard evidence that Robbie is officially an NB guy after seeing him pose with Jose Bautista in some NB gear recently.

Robbie will also be switching out the Nikes for the CFX Pro customs and you can expect some more colors to surface as the season begins.  Customize your own here

Franklin also posted this teaser this week, which we could decipher from the below photos to be Pablo Sandoval, an Under Armour convert.  Tally up another one for the CFX Pro.  It seems like he’ll be joining Cano on the New Balance team, too, cutting ties with San Francisco and Under Armour in one fell swoop.

via @kfp48

via @kfp48

Looks like a stock version of the 4040v2s in this photo and a FRESH new piece of SSK leather that we will make sure to get close-ups of.


FILTHY. (And available.)

Some up-and-coming swag, the front-runner for my “favorite-Yankee-post-Jeter,” former national champ with Arizona, Rob Refsnyder’s Slugger I13.  Ref is a WPW guy, and he showed off the renderings for his new Nike leather for us.  Hoping to get some actual shots of these for you soon.

Moving right along, big news from the catcher’s department, Salvy Perez will leave All-Star for Rawlings in 2015, sporting a sublimated (gradient) blue/white chest protector and a glove that looks strikingly similar (aka identical) to his old CM3000XSBT from All-Star.

It doesn’t have a name yet, but you can expect the chest protector to be available in 2015, as early as August.


Here’s another shot of a red (no sublimation) version:


Bryce Harper got a new Rawlings glove, too, calling it his gamer, #fuego indeed:

Mizuno got with Harper’s teammate Ian Desmond to intro his new baby as well.

We got some close-ups for you to gawk at—looks like a discontinued GMP6:

Giancarlo Stanton’s new face mask, which was designed by Schutt Sports to protect him from another horrific, potentially career- or life-threatening injury.

Notice the “G” wired into the carbon frame.


Lots of developments coming out of Boston camp, and Ortiz might be flirting with a new pair of Marucci batting gloves, instead of his Franklin CFX Pros we’ve seen in years past.  May be a permanent change, or may just be spring experimentation.

Did we miss anything?  Of course we did.  Let us know.


  1. Yeah mike, there is a GREAT new Evoshield line on Baseball Express. It is the Evopro, padded and non, non sold in pairs, EvoPrime, Forearm and arm sold in pairs, Evoclutch forearm sold in pairs and padded forearm sleeves. Most arm sleeves are 24.99 and the padded one is 29.99. The forearm sleeves are 19.99. It has a diagonal pattern and some come in royal, neon, white and black, gray and white, and scarlet. ( I assume that the one color ones are different shades) And I agree, Reffie’s glove is beast. Do you know if Evoshield will make new gapuard colors or styles soon, because they get pissed when I ask on their coustomer service

  2. Hey, i was watching the A’s game today and noticed a really cool sleeve Eric sogard was wearing, can you please help me find the brand name and see if its for sale. Thanks

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