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Dansby Swanson and Carlos Correa Game Gloves Available

Dansby Swanson Glove 2

Wilson has released a pair of dope game model gloves: an A2000 1787 (Dansby Swanson) and an A2000 1785 (Carlos Correa) that we know many of you have been waiting for. Check them out:

Wilson A2000 1787: Dansby Swanson Game Model

wilson a2000 1787


The Dansby Swanson game model is your typical Wilson A2000 1787 model, measuring in at 11.75” with an I-web.

In addition to the longer length, the Wilson A2000 1787 has a medium depth pocket that works well for either third base or shortstop.

Dansby Swanson Glove 1


After the excellent pattern, the colorway is another area this Dansby Swanson game model excels. With a chocolaty dark brown base, some navy elements, and some red accents, the design on this 1787 is one of the cleanest we have seen yet.  Swanson does not actually use this glove in games yet. Instead, he is still rolling with the blonde A2K model that he designed last year (we detail this situation in this post):

Dansby Swanson Wilson Glove 2017

The blonde look is cool, but it is not nearly as unique and fresh as the dark brown, navy, and red look the now-released A2000 1787 features.

Dansby Swanson Glove 3


Based on all of the features of the Wilson A2000 1787 Dansby Swanson game model, we recommend it for shortstops or even third basemen looking for a pattern with a solid pocket and sufficient length.

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Wilson A2000 1785 (Carlos Correa Game Model)

wilson a2000 1785


The Wilson A2000 1785 is a brand new glove from Wilson, featuring a brand new pattern that is completely different from Wilson’s current offerings.

The 1785 pattern, an 11.75” pattern with a laced cross web, plays shallower and rounder than the aforementioned 1787 due to a feature called “Gap Welting” (the notch between the index and middle fingers).

Wilson A2000 1785 web


The colorway on the 1785 has to be one of the loudest we’ve seen, as the orange and navy look is just something that stands out.  In addition to the orange web and navy palm, the Wilson A2000 1785 has orange and navy finger stripes, navy/white logos, and white welting.  It is Astros-themed, and if you’ve got any navy/orange in your jersey this one would look great.

Correa is indeed using the 1785 pattern, but in a different combination of colors:

carlos correa glove

While they are obviously not the same colorways, I thought it was a good idea by Wilson to steer towards the Astros-themed design as opposed to the blonde, navy, white, and red mixture.

Which one do you prefer?


Due to the features of the Wilson A2000 1785, we recommend it for third basemen or shortstops looking for a shallower 11.75” glove that also stands out.

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