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Wilson adds Colored Superskin to their Custom Builder


Hanley’s colored Superskin from 2015

After teasing the idea for about a year, Wilson has just added colored Superskin to their custom builder. There are now four total Superskin colors available. Here are the three new options:

  • Red
  • Royal Blue
  • White

Just a few facts on Superskin:

  • Superskin is NOT leather. Superskin is a microfiber.
  • Superskin is half the weight of leather.
  • Superskin is twice as strong as leather. That may be true, as SS gloves have seems to last a bit longer than all leather gloves.

Before you jump to buy one of these new Superskin colors, they are a little softer to touch than the traditional black Superskin. Just a tidbit before you commit to buying.

Let’s show you what these new colors of Superskin look like in the builder.


Wilson Red Superskin

You can see the true color of red Superskin in our images of Hanley’s glove.  Wilson also has a stock model with red Superskin called the Aso’s Lab LE A2000 1786 Scarlet Superskin.


Blue Superskin

The blue Superskin looks very dark in this picture, but it is actually pretty bright and light-colored, more like a royal color. Below is a picture of another Glove Wilson offers currently with blue Super Skin. It is an Aso’s Lab LE A2000 1786 Royal Super Skin, the same Superskin offered on the customizer (not sure why the colors are so different, but the true color is royal):


Wilson White Super Skin

White leather always gets dirty and is impossible to clean, but Superskin is water-resistant, so you can easily clean the white Superskin. Here is another look:

As for What Pros Wear, Hanley had been Wilson’s “guinea pig” for the colored Superskin since he was in the OF in 2015 and now at 1B in 2016:

Hanley Ramirez Wilson A2000 1B Mitt Superskin 2

Hanley Ramirez Wilson A2000 1B Mitt Superskin

Hanley Ramirez Wilson A2000 1B Mitt Superskin 3

The colored Superskin is a great addition by Wilson. If you are looking for a flashy glove that is fairly light, go for your favorite color of Superskin.

Start customizing here.

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