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WPW Exclusive: Carlos Gonzalez’ “White Snow” Nike Glove via Clarkson Creative


We promised you we’d get more looks at this beauty, and thanks to the Colorado Rockies team photographers, Clarkson Creative (Website/Instagram/Twitter), we finally have some better looks at Carlos Gonzalez’ new Nike “White Snow” H-Web glove.  Clarkson Creative, the Rockies team photographers since the inception of the franchise in ’93, are a must-follow on Instagram.  Their coverage of Denver sports is unmatched.

Did you catch that textured palm?  Dimples like you’d see on an outdoor basketball seem to be covering the purple palm, and it looks like they might have a subtle white color?  Might need to get a little closer for this but its definitely there.

When I initially saw this glove in the photo above, the white was all that was really shown and I was definitely lukewarm on it.  Now that I’ve seen the purple palm and web, I’m 100% in love with it.  The “White Snow” is a great ode to Denver, and the Rockie purple puts it all together.

Nike’s attention to detail is nothing new, but in terms of baseball gloves, we’ve never seen anything as opulent as this one.  The gold accents.  The one-of-a-kind stitching and welting.  Fabric on the ring, middle, and index fingers (presumably to make the glove lighter).  The mysterious textured palm.  If Mike Trout is reading this, you better get your agent on the phone because CarGo just snatched your title belt as the Freshest Fielder in the League.

Follow @ClarksonCreative for more great Rockies content and weigh in on CarGo’s leather below.

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