Daniel Murphy on Hitting and His Louisville Slugger C243

I don’t know if Daniel Murphy has any care (or need) for the type of stuff we bother with all day.  Guy is a gamer, just an absolute gamer and one of the best pure hitters in baseball.  He could take a mop handle to the box and outhit just about anybody at the park that day.  But WPW got to talk hitting with one of the masters and its worth a watch.

His Slugger C243 is birch and can be customized here.


Quote of the Day:

“As I got a little bit older, and I understood hopefully how to snap the barrel a little bit more, I wanted a little bit more at the end so I could hold onto the energy, kind of like whip, and be able to unload it, hopefully on the ball.

Kershaw, Kershaw, Greinke, Lester, Hendricks, Rodney to set the record for HRs in consecutive postseason games (not a power hitter).

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