Under Armour to Release a Hybrid Baseball Cleat (PHOTOS & Release Info)

Under Armour Deception DT Baseball Cleats

Under Armour has revealed a half molded/half metal cleat just as we predicted, but its a little different than Bryce Harper‘s revolutionary cleats.


These cleats have carbon steel tips (“DiamondTips”) on a plastic base, which UA claims will give the comfort of plastic with the traction of metal, and at the same time make it a lighter cleat than metal.

Under Armour Deception DT Baseball Cleats 2

Its hard to know how they’ll feel without trying them on, but they do look purdy.  Notice the camo and volt green which is industry standard at this point (and I only say that half sarcastically).

These will be available starting October 1.  Check out the colorways (and lows) below and let us know what you think:



And the lows:



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    1. Baseballaholic

      No. The purpose in making these cleats was to introduce hybrid cleats, so they’re not being manufactured in all molded or all metal.

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