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3 FUTURE RELEASES for adidas: Energy Boost Icon 2, DualThreat 2, Afterburner 3.0 (in PE Form)

Josh Harrison adidas Cleats

adidas is firing off PEs by the plenty these last few days, and even better than just PEs, these are all first looks at future releases.  This is the way everybody should be doing it.

Starting with the above heat for Josh Harrison—the new Energy Boost Icon 2, which will release later this year (speculating an October 1 release, but not official).

That geometric style element is really doin’ it for me.  One can only hope this will be included in the general release.  Also love the Huarache 2K4-ish toe.  The cleat overall is really sharp.  Also J-Hay’s signature on the in-step is dopeeee.

It should be noted that J-Hay is still favoring his Afterburner 2.0s.

Mike Moustakas adidas Cleats

Moose got his, too. With a custom “Moose” insert.

Mike Moustakas adidas Cleats 2

Mike Moustakas adidas Cleats 3

These images show the texture of the design well.  Very very nice.

Mike Moustakas adidas Cleats 4

Justin Upton adidas Cleats

Justin Upton’s got some new PEs too, a different model, and another future addition to the adidas roster.  This one is called the DualThreat 2, a follow up to a high strapped cleat we saw on Carlos Gomez last year, but that’s about it.  You should expect to see this in October as well.  This one doesn’t really excite me like the Boost Icon 2.  Kinda bland, even with the Upton customizations.

Justin Upton adidas Cleats (2)

Justin Upton adidas Cleats 3

I do like the chromed out bottoms though.

Justin Upton adidas Cleats 4

Carlos Gomez adidas Cleats

Here’s Carlos Gomez’ Boost Icon 2s like Moose’s and Harrison’s.  The Houston colors are just so right.

Carlos Gomez adidas Cleats 2

Carlos Gomez adidas Cleats 3

How else would you feel in these?

Carlos Gomez adidas Cleats 4

And lastly, a first look at another new release for adidas, expected to be worn by Melvin Upton, Jr., the adiZero Afterburner 3.0:

Melvin Upton 1 (1)

Hard to get a good read on these based on these photos, but I have really liked previous versions of this cleat.  That gradient fade of the SD colors is tight.  One thing that’s obvious is that these are a speed cleat.

Melvin Upton 2 (1)

Melvin Upton 3 (1)

Which is your favorite?

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