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4th of July is for Independence and Custom Swag

Dropping in from Costa Rica to give you guys an abbreviated rundown of what Independence looks like—its Bryce Harper hitting a rocket into the bullpen with THE MOST AMERICAN BAT EVER SWUNG.  (We don’t know who made it yet.)


The best of the best comes first.  True Blue Customs‘ 4040v2s for Phillies OF Darin Ruf.  These are RUFFFFFFF.  If you get on base with these and don’t steal every base in front of you then you’re doing it wrong.


Tape Kings does great work if you are willing to ship your bat to them.


I’m all about these jerseys but how are you gonna go with a green belt there?


Nomad Customs did the bottom Nike Air MVP Pro II MCS for Shane Victorino.  Unsure on the top pair.

lucroy-4th-2 lucroy-4th

Jonathan Lucroy’s All Star Sporting Goods gear was outrageous.  Every catcher in America should have this on the 4th and it should be mandatory dress.


UA.com selling 4th of July Limited Edition Deceptions.


Mizuno‘s BG’s complimented the Stars & Stripes authentics.


cutters-compression-wrist-fourth dexter-fowler-glove

Franklin and Robbie Cano showed their patriotism, as did Cuttercheck our Instagram for their entry in the batting glove category today.

Dexter Fowler wins the award for Most Patriotic (and Conveniently Cubs-Oriented) Nike SHA/DO Trap.



  1. Chandler made Bryce Harpers bat.

  2. Mike, if you pause this video of Harper’s homerun at 0:04 and 0:11, you can see by the knob stamp and the logo on the barrel, his bat is in fact a Chandler. I couldn’t make out the model though.

  3. Bryce is swinging a Chandler.

  4. Harpers bat was a chandler

  5. Bryce harper was winging the most american bat made by chandler

  6. Harper bat is exclusive Chandler

  7. Hello,
    Just letting you know that Harper’s bat is a chandler http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/visual/whatshot/HarperBat070415.jpg
    you can see the logo in that pic

  8. The Harper 4th of July bat was made by Chandler. Saw the game and bat label on television and some still photos.

  9. Bryce’s bat was made by chandler bat company.

  10. The bat is a Chandler. It’s hard to see in this picture because it is covered in pine-tar, but if you watch the video in this link, you can see the new chandler “C” logo on the bottom of the knob.

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