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A Twisted Glove Affair Starring Josh Donaldson

Josh Donaldson Glove Affair

Josh Donaldson Rawlings PRONP5 Glove
When WPW went to Blue Jays’ Camp this spring, we saw Donaldson with a black and blue Rawlings PRONP5. He seemed happy.  Everything seemed great between Donaldson and his black beauty.

Donaldson noted that he uses Pro Preferred leather on the outer shell and Heart of the Hide leather on the palm.
Josh Donaldson Rawlings Glove Back
Josh Donaldson Inside Rawlings Glove
The black and blue PRONP5 (which you can get here) did the job for the first couple of weeks of the season, and then he went astray:
Josh Donaldson Glove Rip
But the blonde didn’t last.  A line drive off Joey Rickard ripped through the web, and she was history:

That one was full tan, including the lacing. If you watched towards the end of the video, you can see that he swapped out the ripped glove with one of similar color but with blue lacing, which we saw Josh with later in the season:
Josh Donaldson Rawlings PRONP5GT Glove 2
It is a beauty modeled PRONP5GT with a Heart of the Hide palm stamp, meaning he still went with the HOH Palm/PP Shell. Here’s another look:
Josh Donaldson Rawlings PRONP5GT Glove

Donaldson used this model (Which you can get here) up until the playoffs.  Then he went back to the old flame that he started the season with:
Josh Donaldson Rawlings Glove Back
And they lived happily ever after (until next season).  Impossible to know why unless we talk to Josh—next spring!

My favorite is the black and blue one (probably was Donaldson’s too because he went back to using it), but which one is your favorite?

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