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Adding Bats…

After seeing the results of the poll we did, it’s obvious you all want to see what type of lumber these players are swinging. So, we are in the process of adding bats to each player’s profile.  We’ve already done a few and hope to have the rest taken care of tonight.

Our focus is on getting you some high quality photos of these bats, and finding out if there is any way for us to purchase them.  A lot of these guys have exclusive relationships with the manufacturers, but you’d be surprised to find out that, if you are in a wood bat league, you most likely share your model with a number of pros.  It’s assumed that the pros are using much heavier and longer bats than us, but for the most part, pro wood is somewhere in the ballpark of 33-34 inches and 31-34 ounces.  For example: A-Rod, one of the best power hitters alive, swings a 34/32 Louisville Slugger.

One bat most of us will never be able to handle is the one Bryce Harper is swinging in the video below.  They show the measurements starting at the 1:40 mark.  One of those logs is 66 ounces!  Harper’s swing is just ferocious.  Lets hope we get to see it in the Bigs this year.

Thanks, everybody for reading, and please let us know if you want to see a specific player.  Tweet us @whatproswear.

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