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ASG: Chromed Out Yadi and Nike’s New Field Vision Tech

Yadier Molina Gold Mask

Yadi just has a knack for standing out in big games, and not only did he do that with the oppo bomb, but the helmet… I mean, everybody saw the helmet.


This is an MVP2000, a model that is discontinued, but kept alive for Yadi as that is his preference.


Now if you’re going gold chrome helmet, the ensemble wouldn’t be complete without a gold chrome chest protector:

Yadi ASG Chest Protector

Rawlings always pulls out all the stops for their All-Stars, and as a player, this is the day to go “balls-to-the-wall” with your gear choices.  Yadi seems like he’s all business MOST of the time, but its nice to see him go wild here, even if the pitcher needs Nike Hyperforce sunglasses to see the signs.


Nike’s new Hyperforce style includes Nike Field Tint technology:

“A high-performance green-based tint that enhances the ability to track and intercept objects in bright and shifting light. Ideal for baseball, field sports and tennis, the Nike Field Tint mutes harsh light while allowing the athlete to maintain sight of the ball with minimal interruption. The outer lens is treated with a reflective mirrored coating that shields the athlete’s eyes from opponents and provides aggressive styling.”

I’m intrigued about this idea of lens enhancements.  Take this concept a few years into the future and I could imagine smart sunglasses with the ability to read the pitch coming and tell it to the batter.  Is that cheating?  If it were possible, would you use smartglasses anyways?

You can shop the Hyperforce sunglasses with “Nike Field Tint” here.

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