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B45 with Some Beautiful Custom Bats for Players Weekend


The Players Weekend stuff is rolling in, people.  You should see my inbox right now.  Quite stuffed.

Personally, I’ve been most excited to see the bats, since bats are always pretty much the same, and from what we’ve seen so far, this weekend will not disappoint.  B45 came through with an incredible batch of custom painted bats, and we’ve got some great shots so take a gander.  (Also if you want to win a WPW hat, enter our Instagram giveaway)


How could you possibly swing a cooler bat than one with your face on it?  @cargo5 has his own hand-painted portrait on his B45 G5 34.5 inch 31.5 oz Birch bat.  The Cargo5, probably very similar if not the same as the G5, is available at this link.

image3 (1)

Keon Broxton (@mr.broxton9ec) might not be on your radar yet but he’s gonna go 20/20 in his first full season and that’s not easy to do.  A couple other names you might have heard of that are in the 20/20 mix this year: Mookie Betts, Jose Altuve.

Broxton loves Birch, and he swings a B45 with his initials.  34/31

image2 (1)

Maybe Tommy Joseph (@_tommyjoseph_) didn’t want to hit baseballs off his face.  Maybe he just really loves American history—because in place of his face is the Liberty Bell on Joseph’s B45 T19.  Joseph was recently signed by B45, and when WPW’s @geminikeez asked him why he chose to sign with the Birch specialists, Joseph mentioned the longevity and performance of the bat.  Many believe that Birch actually gains pop as you hit with it, and its known to last a long time.

You can shop Joseph’s signature model, the TJ19, at this link.


If you’ve seen his WPW locker or watched our interview with him, you know how much Bryce likes to mix and match wood.

We hadn’t seen Bryce swinging B45 (its been all Chandler and a little Marucci) before his injury, but I wouldn’t put it past him to give it a try.  If he hadn’t hurt his knee, maybe he would have been swinging this beauty in-game.


And finally, Jonathan Lucroy, another B45 contract guy, looking dashing on the barrel of this JL20, his signature bat from B45 (available here).

Are you excited for Players Weekend?

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