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Brand Overview: Tucci Lumber Bats

(Photo: @tuccilumberbats)

(Photo: @tuccilumberbats)

Located in Norwalk, Connecticut, Tucci Lumber was founded in 2009 by former Blue Jays first round draft pick Pete Tucci. Pete’s promising career was cut short by a nagging hand injury that forced him to retire. After several years out of the game, Pete started turning bats on a lathe his wife bought him. The business took off and now puts bats in the hands of hundreds of professional players.

Which Pros Swing It?

Wood Offerings

(Photo: @tuccilumberbats)

(Photo: @tuccilumberbats)

Pro Select Limited Series ($170 Maple, $150 Ash)

Tucci’s premier wood is the same grade used for their professional clients’ bats. It produces a crisp, satisfying sound on contact. It holds up very well and even after months of use the barrel looks virtually untouched.

This bat has been used in over 100 at-bats. The barrel looks like new.

This bat has been used in over 100 at-bats. The barrel looks like new.

I have broken several of these due to mishits and never had one break in half. This signifies a solidly constructed bat made with straight, dense wood. This wood is offered in twelve different models on their website and if you don’t see what you want, you can call and get access to the thousands of models they have on file.

Tucci’s Pro Model Series

Pro Model Series ($130 Maple, $110 Ash)

Tucci’s second tier of wood still makes for a wonderful bat. While not on the same level as the Pro Select Limited, the Pro Model Series rivals some other companies’ top tier bats. The biggest difference from the Pro Select Limited is how this wood responds to extended use. After a while, this wood becomes noticeably softer in the barrel due to repeated contact with the ball. While this happens to most wood bats and can be fixed by rubbing it with a bone or smooth piece of metal, it signifies slightly lower quality wood an/or finishing process. Like I said, it’s a problem that you can fix yourself, and if you can’t afford the Pro Select Limited, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

A soft spot has developed on this Pro Model’s barrel due to extended use

  • Ultra-Lite ($130 Maple, $110 Ash): Only available as a custom TL-421, which features a medium size barrel connected to a thin handle, this bat can be made to weigh up to a -6. This could appeal to younger players who are learning to swing their first full-size wood bat. I question the durability of a -6 wood bat because a lower density wood has to be used to get it that light. The lower the density, the weaker the bat is going to be. For that reason I would not recommend this model for more experienced players or players switching from BBCOR to wood.
Tucci recently started manufacturing Axe Bats

Tucci recently started manufacturing Axe Bats (Photo: @tuccilumberbats)

At the end of November, Tucci got approved to use Axe Bat’s unique handle. The bats aren’t for sale yet but I expect them to drop very soon in order to be here in time for Christmas.


Tucci offers different labels and paint depending on the type of wood you choose to order, and their bats pop on-field as much as any brand.  Here’s a look at some of the options:

(Photo: mik3sandoval)

(Photo: @mik3sandoval)

Pro Select Limited Series

Tucci’s color choices give you the opportunity to make a flawless bat with a modern look. Some colors, including the Black Cherry and Charcoal options, include a small sparkle effect that really makes the bat glow.

(Photo: @tuccilumberbats)

(Photo: @tuccilumberbats)


Tucci has eleven different logo color options. The silver or gold logo options are among the best in the game. The logos themselves are durable and will only fade if they take a direct hit from a ball.  (If you get jammed that badly you may have worse problems than a smudge.)

Bat on far left took a direct hit from a baseball

The bat on far left had the logo partially erased by a direct hit from a baseball

No matter which Pro Select Limited color you choose, you are going to get a sleek, modern finish that is unique to Tucci.

Pro Model Series

The Pro Model Series colors lack the detail and shine of the Pro Select Limited, but are still on par with the industry standard. You can’t get the sick gold/silver logos on the pro models. The alternatives are a little bulkier but still look great.

A closer look at the Pro Model Black, Charcoal Stain, and Wine finishes

A closer look at the Pro Model Black, Charcoal Stain, and Wine finishes

What Sets Tucci apart

While well established, Tucci is a small company that is able to offer exceptional customer service. If you want something not listed on their website or in their extensive library of models, they won’t hesitate to go out of their way create one for you. I have my own model with Tucci called the NW9 (a hybrid i13 and YP66). The process was really easy and all it took was a phone call to tell them what I wanted. After I used my NW9 in a tournament, the Tucci craftsman who made it approached me and proceeded to list off its specifications perfectly. These guys care about what they do and are very good at it. While they craft some incredible bats, one of their strongest selling points is the customer service they offer.

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