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Breaking Down @UnderArmour’s Newest Bryce Harper Spot, WPW-Style

My teammate Cam sent me this video tonight and after watching it, I came to a crossroads—my first option was to do 1000 pushups and then run through a brick wall—my second option was to watch the video 1000 times and show you guys where to get all the gear that I could find in it.

Lucky for you, there were no brick walls in plain sight, so I just figured I’d stick to what I know.  To the gear we go.


The Under Armour Spine Highlight cleat in the commercial is the same cleat Bryce wore in the 2012 All Star Game.  You can’t find them in Bryce’s gold, but these are available online here.


Also the same as Bryce’s All-Star apparel, we finally have the name for these batting gloves.  They are the UA Epic style, and they are available, but only in the white/white you see above.  Get them here.


When Bryce is in the weight room he’s wearing these Under Armour Micro Shorts in Snorkel Black print.  Get them here.


The trainers that Bryce was wearing in the weight room were the UA Cam Highlight Trainer you see above.  These are also available online here.


Last item of note was the Under Armour Armour39 “performance monitoring system.”  Bryce wore the watch and the monitoring device across his chest in the commercial.  You’ll have to check out UA’s website for more info on this as it won’t be out until Spring of this year.

Any of the other items in the commercial were nowhere to be found online.

I hope you enjoyed the commercial and this post as much as I did.  Bryce is really shaping up to be the signature athlete of the new generation, and I am excited to see where he takes the game in the next two decades.

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  1. what about the socks he’s wearing during the video?

  2. […] on these, other UA styles available, including Bryce’s Epic gloves from the UA commercial we broke down […]

  3. you can buy Bryce’s Gold UA Spine cleats at

  4. does he wear those batting gloves in his games

  5. I have the socks he’s doing soft toss with

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