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Bryce Harper’s Derby Repertoire

bryce derby

Source: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images North America

Harper’s got on some unknown batting gloves from Under Armour, which we’ve come to expect from UA.  They outfit Bryce in their most cutting edge stuff—you can check out more on Bryce at his profile.  The best view is above, but here’s another shot:

Source: Elsa/Getty Images North America

Source: Elsa/Getty Images North America

Check out the rest of UA’s batting gloves here.

In the above photo you can also get a slight glimpse of the red “C” for Chandler.  Bryce has been swinging Chandler lately, and though CEO David Chandler didn’t reveal much to me, I asked about the “Manhattan Project,” a buzz-word they’ve been using to hype their work with Bryce so far.  Chandler told me this:

“The Manhattan Project is in fact, very real in terms of both sides working to best use this players’ naturally high bat velocity coupled with a more advanced method and design to harness to power of each swing. 
Right now he’s experimenting with 34/33 and 34/32, and working out the red label 33 oz for now it looks like.  Went to Potomac game last night, started with CU7 in first ab, then switched to the Manhattan prototype for ab’s 2-3.”
Obviously, Bryce was swinging a red label, and if the colors are still consistent with his rehab stint a few weeks ago, Bryce is swinging a 33 inch tonight.  When we hear more about this, you’ll see it at WPW.
As we featured earlier, Bryce is wearing a special NY edition of the Under Armour Spine Highlight ST.  To recap:
Source: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images North America

Source: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images North America

In other news—check the Wilson custom catcher’s mitt back there.


bryce cleats
UA did step up with an All Star edition of the cleat for the masses—see below and get them at Eastbay.

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