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Chase Utley, Marucci Glove Sighting

So this photo sparked some curiosity today:

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Take a look at Utley’s glove and you’ll see an embroidered Marucci logo.  But Marucci only manufactures bats and batting gloves, not fielding gloves, right?

WPW went straight to the source:

marucci response utley glove

I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but nowhere else on the internet has Marucci acknowledged plans to make fielding gloves, so I’d call this very vague response EXCLUSIVE INFORMATION!  You heard it here first!

So we’ll do what we’re told and stay tuned, but if anyone reading this has any more info, LET US KNOW!

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  1. CC. Sabathia is also wearing a marucci glove here…marucci met with CHase at University of San Francisco with their glove idea

    1. Not really sure what you mean by this. Who is Chase? And what was Marucci’s glove idea?

  2. Last week I was at Baseball USA in Houston which is now leased by Marucci. I was looking for a new glove and the guy, who seemed to be in charge, was telling me that Marucci is coming out with gloves. Can’t remember if he said this year or next. Think he said by end of this year we should see something. Hope this helps.

  3. I think they are giving gloves to some of their summer travel teams as well

  4. Just got an email from Marucci confirming the release will be in October however there will be NO customization options!

  5. My son got one in October 2013 and loves it put his nokona,Rawlings pro preferred and a2000 in his bag for backups

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