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2018 Demarini Voodoo One Bat Review

2018 DeMarini Voodoo One Bat Review

Price: BBCOR $250, USA Certified (-10) $150

The 2018 Voodoo One is a light swinging one piece aluminum alloy bat. It is fairly popular in the college ranks as many high-level hitters love its stiffer feel. It’s a legitimate competitor with the Rawlings Velo, which has dominated the ultra-balanced one-piece market in the past. This year’s model is made of the same X14 alloy as last year’s version but features DeMarini’s new lightweight 3Fusion endcap.

The Look

The barrel graphics on the Voodoo One have a very similar layout to the two-piece Voodoos. The bat alternates between black, maroon, and golden yellow.

Unlike the black-handled two-piece Voodoos, the graphics on the Voodoo One continue all the way into the grip tape. This adds a little more color to the bat. The “Shredder” logo DeMarini threw onto the barrel is a great addition.


If you don’t like the stock colors, you can customize it on Demarini’s custom bat builder.


All of DeMarini’s bats utilize the same grip. The grip is on the thicker side, especially for DeMarini. It’s one of the best stock grips on any metal bat out there. The grip is very firm and feels similar to a rubber grip on a bike handle. DeMarini has managed to provide a lot of friction on the grip without using the deep indentations that most companies use. The grip provides all sorts of grip points in the form of a pattern of slightly indented and raised ‘D’s’. The grip feels durable and should last for awhile.

The grip tapers up to the RCK knob, which is DeMarini’s ergonomic design that fits perfectly into your bottom hand. This knob is really comfortable and helps the bat to feel outstanding in your hands.

Feel/Swing Weight

The Voodoo One has a very low swing weight. It accomplishes this while offering a sizable barrel for a one-piece alloy bat. While the barrel is large for a balanced one-piece, it’s dwarfed by multi-piece bats that utilize composite construction. For instance, when compared to the DeMarini CF Zen, the barrel is nearly 2″ shorter. Still, most players who choose to swing one-piece alloys don’t care about this as they crave the stiffness of the bat during the swing and on contact. The bat uses DeMarini’s lightweight 3Fusion endcap that helps the bat stay extremely balanced. Ultimately, the bat feels good in your hands and maintains a very low swing weight. If you want a balanced one-piece alloy, take a look at the Voodoo One.


The one-piece alloy construction of the Voodoo One gives it a stiff feel. The bat doesn’t bend at all, and the stiffness is noticeable from the start of the swing all the way through contact. Because alloy is harder to work with than composite, the barrel is on the smaller side to ensure it maintains its durability. With that being said, the Voodoo One’s barrel is actually larger than a lot of other one-piece alloys, especially those that are going for a balanced feel. The bat has a full-bodied PING upon contact that hangs in the air for a while. It almost seems dangerous that they don’t sell earplugs with it! The one-piece design leads to a high amount of vibration. If a hitter misses the barrel on either side, he’s going to feel it. The bat requires no breaking in and is delivered to your door hot and ready, just like a pizza.


The 2018 Voodoo One is a solid contribution to the one-piece crowd. It is eerily similar to the Rawlings Velo and basically trades off a larger barrel for a small amount of swing weight. DeMarini, not always known for their one-piece craftsmanship, did a phenomenal job with the Voodoo One. Expect to see a lot of it this year.

Get it at DeMarini.com.

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