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Derek Jeter’s Underwear: We’ve Officially Gone Too Far

Today, WPW’s relentless quest for pro equipment came to a crossroads.

After much deliberation and  a long look at myself in the mirror, I asked myself, “Are you ready to publicly declare your interest in another man’s underpants?”

In the name of performance at all costs, that answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Plus, I knew you’d read it, you creeps.

Source: Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Source: Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

We see Jeter here, wearing a “Frigo” brand shirt.  Simple enough, so I looked it up to learn about who the brand is.

What we found is a Swedish underwear company called RevolutionWear Inc., now based in NY, that has patented a technology called the “Frigo Zone(TM)” that you’ll have to see to truly understand.

The Frigo Zone(TM), according to the company’s site, “is the first ever pouch system that couples specially engineered support with unique cooling properties for optimal support.”

frigo underwear

In the most simple terms, the underwear has a special, customizable compartment for the Family Jewels.

No, we can not confirm with photographic evidence that Jeter actually wears these, but would you really want that?  (Behave, ladies).  We just have to assume that if he’s wearing the shirt, then Jeter’s wearing the only product that they sell.  Not only that, but the product has received ringing endorsements from Jeter’s teammates Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher (now with the Indians).  Comfort comes at a price, though, as the Frigo underwear come with a $100 price tag—for one pair!

Buy them here.

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  1. Been wondering, what do professional players use to support their “personal protection”? Between compression shorts with a cup insert and the traditional jockstrap, I wasn’t sure if their was any other method of keeping their last name intact.

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