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Gloveworks x WPW Custom: One of a Kind & Playable


Gloveworks is a custom glove company that is worth a look if you’re hunting for a quality custom glove with excellent personalization options at a very reasonable price.  I’m impressed with the glove we just received and I’d recommend it if you’re in the market.

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Gloveworks offers a level of personalization that the larger companies don’t offer and at very reasonable prices.  Gloveworks has always been good to WPW, making us one of their first-ever custom gloves back in 2015.  The previous glove looked cool, but was a bit small for my hand, and I never really found a good shape to it, so it became a “show” glove, not a glove I could use in a game.


Give Gloveworks a couple of years to develop their product, and I think they’ve got a winner.  This new WPW custom H-Web is legit.  Our embroidered logo is absolute flames, and only $10 bucks extra!  You can’t even get lunch for $10 bucks these days.  That double welt, too, just really sets this glove apart.

As far as performance, in comparison to the Gloveworks custom from 2015, it was instantly a different feeling when I put this glove on for the first time.  It was softer, the hand was larger and more comfortable (2 in the pinky), and the glove was worth taking to the field on day 2 out of the box.


I beat it up a little bit, pulled on it, stretched it, laid a cabinet on top of the thumb-pinky to try to form a pocket, then took it out to practice.  I felt comfortable with it right away.  I usually catch everything I get a glove on (no big deal) but its notable that there were no pop-outs with the new glove.  I’d compare it to how easy it was to get my Wilson A2000 playable.

I chose their high-end Pro Kip leather ($199 price) and it looks and feels amazing.  Since there are some real aggro glove collectors out there, I should mention that I’m not a leather expert or a glove nerd, I’m a ballplayer.  I can only speak to the athletes in the crowd when I tell you that I’d roll with this pretty little lady.

My one concern is that this glove seems like it may become flimsy quicker than other gloves that I own because the thumb and pinky don’t have as much structure.  Its a pretty subtle difference though.  I have used a Heart of the Hide PROTB24 for probably 12 years now, and the type of trust you get from a glove like that is irreplaceable, but this Gloveworks glove is solid and worth a long look if you’re in the market for a custom glove.

Here’s a quick run-down vid I did for ya:

Customize your own Gloveworks glove here.

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