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Imagine Being Able to Control Instant Replay Like This?

GIF courtesy of The Polar Jungle

GIF courtesy of The Polar Jungle

freeD Yankee Stadium from Replay Technologies.com on Vimeo.

So I know this is a little bit out of WPW’s wheelhouse, but I saw this the other day and got really excited and thought you baseball purists might want to see it.  It got me thinking: imagine replays that you could control.  A world where you could manipulate the cameras to watch plays at the plate at a bird’s eye view, watching both the runner and the thrower (producers still have no idea how to do this).  Or a coachable moment that the main camera might not catch, where you can show your kid the right way to play the game.  Even better, imagine a world where we didn’t have to watch FOX zoom in on Jonathan Papelbon’s duckface or Nolan Ryan looking ornery every pitch, and we could actually watch…hope you’re sitting down… BASEBALL!

Not to mention what it could do for officiating the game, but I’m torn on that whole situation.  I think if in a split second the play is deemed wrong and everybody in the country knows it, there should be an umpire with replays like these in the booth capable of overturning it on the spot.  Baseball is slow enough (for the general public) already, baseball cannot afford to have 5 minute delays like the one that happened on a HR review in the Phillies-Braves game recently.  MLB needs to keep the game moving and this freeD offers a great solution.

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