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Is It Baseball Season Yet? LSU, TCU, St. John’s, Maryland Showing it Off

We got so much stuff pouring in from colleges (and some pros) lately its worth throwing some of it up. NC State Wolfpack jerseys kicking us off from SP @e_mendoza18 on IG.

LSU Trout Cleats

Nike’s top schools get it better than anybody, including most pros.  Imagine breaking the huddle and every guy on your team is rocking these fully custom Vapor Ultrafly Elite?  It just doesn’t get any better than that.  Tiger print and all.  Its just ludicrous how fresh these are.  Shop the Ultrafly here.

LSU Trout Cleats 2

Oh, and Trout 3s, too.  Sure, why not?  Shop Trout 3 cleats here.

LSU Trout Turfs

Dece turfs.  Shop the Trout 3 turf here.

TCU Cleats

Another ridiculously spoiled school, TCU, with the equivalent to LSU’s spread, but Froggier.

TCU Cleats 3

TCU Cleats 2

TCU Turfs


These just came in from U. of Central Florida infielder @magicmikaa, some fresh Kobe custom cleats.  Customize your own basketball shoe at CustomCleats.com.

St Johns Rawlings

St. John’s OFer @michaeldonadio‘s 303 from Rawlings.  Can’t beat the team logos, period.  Best thing to happen to gloves since colored leather.  Shop Rawlings customs here.

St Marys Andrew Hansen Marucci

Speaking of team logos… St. Mary’s Gael Andrew Hansen’s new Marucci is gorgeous.  I’m not a huge fan of a navy/black combo because a my graphic design professor always told us that putting very similar colors together often looks like a mistake, but this glove seems to pull it off.

Phillies @thejuliangarcia‘s chocolate Marucci looks tasty.  Marucci offers a similar glove with a “T-Web” here.

Saving the best for last… Maryland INF @pathisle15‘s custom Rawlings…. when he turns it over and reveals that black palm I die every time.  That is one of the sickest gloves I’ve ever seen.

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