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Jose Altuve (Profile Update) Rocking New Balance, Franklin, and a Fully Custom Wilson

Many of you have already noted it, and we posted it today on IG, but Jose Altuve (updated profile) is rocking a new glove this year, a cross-web that Altuve said reminded him of his trip to Japan in 2014.  According to Ryan Smith, Wilson Glove Developer, Wilson had been testing this glove with Marwin Gonzalez, and once Jose saw it, he asked for one, too.

Altuve really likes the look of that orange lace sewn into the vertical post.

He’s also got his own Wilson A2000 “JA27” glove ready to go, and that will be released by Wilson as an in-line model later this year:

Jose Altuve Wilson A2000 Glove

You can get that one as a full custom A2000 1786 RIGHT NOW, but for Altuve’s complete game spec JA27 glove, you’ll have to wait for summer.  As sexy as this glove is, the cross-web is Altuve’s leather of choice for now.

Altuve has also switched out the Nike cleats for these NB 3000v2s:

Jose Altuve New Balance 3000v2 Cleats (1)

The way they customize the 3000v2s, the line is becoming blurred for me as to which NB cleat is my favorite.  The 4040 used to be my clear choice, but look at those blues with the digi-camo!

To round out the swag clinic, Altuve just got a fresh pair of Franklin Powerstrap batting gloves:

Jose Altuve Franklin Powerstrap Batting Gloves

The oranges are our favorite.  They murdered it with the orange/light-orange combo.  Check out his batting glove page to see the blues which you may think are even better.

Altuve has gotta be one of the freshest dudes in baseball.  Easily one of our favorites.  Check out the rest of his profile here.

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