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Easton’s BBCOR S1 Has a Baby: Lightest T Ball Bat On the Market

Lightest t ball bat

By Brian Duryea

I was asked on our twitter feed to review the lightest swinging bat on the market so I took their question literally and found the smallest bat out there. It is the Easton S3 T-Ball bat that is 24 inches long with whopping DROP 13! This makes the bat all of 11 ounces. Of course I couldn’t help but take pictures of that bat next to the biggest speed series bat from Easton: the 34/31 S1. It looks like the BBCOR S1 had a full on aluminum baby.

Easton T-Ball ReviewWe know this site is dedicated to what pros wear, but we just can’t avoid how perfectly adorable tiny baseball equipment is. And since the #LLWS gets plenty of pub we’ll take our one shot at shouting out to the pre Little Leaguers in T-ball ranks around the country. Look, we know most of them can’t read, but their big brothers and sisters as well as uncles, aunts, moms and dads are reading this entry. So from us at WPW to them, through our reader, we give them a proverbial fist bump for playing ball. They are the new generation of soon to be swag wielders and we can’t wait to watch.

Lightest T Ball Bat

A longer review with some bomb dropping by a 3 year old is found on this review of the lightest T-Ball Bat. (Spoiler alert, he is not really dropping bombs). As a synopsis, the bat handles pretty well considering you can barely tell you are holding anything. And it surely increases the cuteness of any kid under the age of 4 who is wielding it like they have made the big time. If you have a little brother or sister or niece or nephew wanting to swing what some of the big boys do, you may want to put that $25 of birthday money in this direction.

At a minimum, you can get some pretty adorable pictures:


Lightest T Ball Bat
Brian Duryea, the author, is the owner of justbatreviews.com and is a regular contributor to whatproswear. He can be reached at admin@justbatreviews.com or

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