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Flashback: Russell Wilson Swings Louisville Slugger’s ExoGrid

ExoGrid Review

By Brian Duryea

Before you knew him as the 2nd youngest quarterback in NFL history to win a Superbowl, Russell Wilson was the quarterback at Wisconsin University. Before you knew him as the quarterback for Wisconsin, Russell Wilson played both baseball and football for the Wolfpack in North Carolina.

He would be drafted to play professional baseball twice: once out of high school by the Baltimore Orioles in the 41st round (which he declined and went to college) and also in 2010 in the 4th round by the Rockies. He played a couple years in minor league baseball until he informed the Rockies he was going to pursue a  career in the NFL. In 2013, the Rockies traded him to the Rangers.Russell Wilson Louisville Slugger Exo Grid Review

With NFL games starting up here shortly we thought we’d throw out what NFL pros wear by way of what bat they swing (or swung). Wilson, in college, used the original ExoGrid from Slugger. This bat was a pre-BBCOR regulation bat and a verifiable bomb dropper. The name came from a grid type pattern cut out of the handle to barrel transition and filled in composite. This gave the bat a lighter swing weight yet real stiff transition to the barrel which allows a greater trampoline effect.

Although you can still pick some of these up new, the ExoGrid design and models are no longer produced by Slugger. The new 915 and 715 do not incorporate a composite inner shell. Instead, they are two piece bats with a graphite and rubber slug in the barrel to handle transition–which make it a three piece bat.

Of course you can read a more in depth, near encyclopedic, Louisville Slugger ExoGrid Review here.

We also wanted to find what other quarterbacks who play baseball swing. So we went in search of Florida State National Champion and Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston. Here is a picture:


I’ll be danred. Turns out there is something about top shelf quarterbacks and their love for the Louisville Slugger bats. Jameis swings the ExoGrid 3.

Coincidence? Probably. But noteworthy considering football is just around the corner.

Brian Duryea, the author, is the owner of justbatreviews.com and is a regular contributor to whatproswear. He can be reached at admin@justbatreviews.com or


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