Lunar Trout 2 Turf Available in 3 Colorways RIGHT NOW

Lunar Trout 2 Turfs showed up recently on, and the colorways are quite nice.

UNC-style is a favorite of mine.  Shop them here.

Red/black isn’t far behind.  Shop them here.

This one is my least favorite of the group, but with the added graphics, these are collector’s items in their own right.  Shop them here.

If you told me that Nike was going to do a “Rainbow Trout” style before showing me, I would have scoffed at it.  “Another clownish style for dudes that chug the Nike Kool-Aid,” I would have said.

And I would have been 100% wrong.  I need these yesterday.  So does everybody else apparently, because they’re out of stock.

Shop the Lunar Trout 2 Turf here.

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