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Maxx Tissenbaum’s Homemade Florida State League ASG PE’s… What do you think?

Boring, stock black and white spikes...about to get REMIXED
Boring, stock black and white spikes…about to get REMIXED

It has been a while since I posted on WPW, but things have been pretty crazy of late.  I got added to the Florida State League South All Star team and was lucky enough to get to play in the game Saturday night.  It was such an honor to be recognized and added to the team, and to get to take part in the game with all of the top level studs in our league.

One of the cool perks of being an All Star as a Rays minor leaguer is that we get to shed all the “swag” rules for the All Star Game.  We are allowed to wear Big League Majestic Athletic Pants (mine were Kelly Shoppach’s) and whatever cleats we want, colors and all.  I was searching the internet for a pair of Pirates colored cleats (their affiliate hosted the All Star Game so the uniforms are made in their colors), but I realized I still had a pair of black and white Reebok Zigs from last year. I went the true Minor League budget direction and got a pretty Big League result.

I bought one yellow sharpie and after two rounds of “Scrubbin Bubbles” to clean the white Zig outsole I went to town. What began as a boring, stock cleat turned into a custom All Star Game Edition, and a “player exclusive.”  With just the one Sharpie I was able to cover the entire outsole. I immediately was blown away by the result, and put the cherry on top with a pair of yellow laces to match.  The finished product looked SICK in my opinion, and when I reached second base after a base hit, a middle infielder actually asked me how I got my agent to send me All Star Game cleats—he couldn’t believe I made them.

maxx reebok zig cleats

Apparently personalizing your cleats to ball out on a budget isn’t nearly as impossible as I’d once thought, Sharpies work well.

If you’re planning on wearing them consistently and cleaning them between games I’d suggest buying a bunch of Sharpies so you can touch them up because the yellow did fade a little when I scrubbed them down post game.  I’ll definitely keep this trick in my back pocket for the next time I’m able to add a bit of flair.  If you guys end up with any crazy designs hit me up on Twitter (@8_maxx). I’d love to see what y’all do with your footwear, and let me know what you think about mine!!

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  1. What happened to Catchers Corner? Me being a catcher, I enjoyed reading that section. I also would like to know if you guys could do a feature on the sunglasses worn by MLB catchers? It’s a constant struggle for us to find a pair of sunglasses that will stay on our heads when we flip off our helmets, but a pair that is cool too.

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