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NEVER BEFORE SEEN Nike “MVP Select” Hybrid Gloves Arrive at University of Texas, UNC

Texas Longhorns Nike MVP Select I-Web Glove 2014

The UNC and University of Texas clubs are the first teams we’ve ever seen with the provocative new Nike MVP Select line of hybrid (leather/synthetic) gloves.  We knew nothing about them until Nike told UT baseball’s Vince Alcazar the following three key components:

“The ring, middle, and index finger are perforated steer hide leather.”

Texas Longhorns Nike MVP Select I-Web Glove 2014 

“The thumb and pinky are a lightweight composite material we manufacture using our Hyperfuse process.”

Texas Longhorns Nike MVP Select I-Web Glove 2014

“It is comprised of a light, flexible, perforated base material, a breathable mesh, and a super strong synthetic skin.”

Nike is learning before our very eyes how to make the lightest possible high-performing baseball glove.

Its cool to see it happening.  First, Carlos Gonzalez in 2013 (and later George Springer) debuted the “Hyperfuse” glove you see below:

They probably got some good insight from Springer/Cargo and made some tweaks in the production version, which is called the Vapor 360 (you can read about that one here):

With even more insight from high school’s elite players at showcases like the Perfect Game All-American Classic, Nike has taken another step forward with the MVP Select handed out to the Tarheel and Longhorn clubs.

5 Texas Longhorns Nike MVP Select Trap Glove 2014

The web on the MVP Select Trap outfielder’s glove is borrowed from Matt Kemp‘s Japanese made SHA|DO (Matt Kemp’s “Mighty Fine” version here).

Got a good look at UNC’s thanks to their Twitter account (link above).  Wish we could get you a few more of these, but I’ve had no luck getting in touch with UNC’s equipment guys.  For God’s sake they tagged Uni Watch in this tweet.  Which is about uniforms.  (sad face)

(On a side note, take it easy with the #filters, @DiamondHeels.)

In the below shot you can see other MVP Select webs (front to back: modified trap, I-Web, basket taken from Nike’s Diamond Elite line, H-Web, and Trap):

UNC Nike MVP Select Glove Day

A few thoughts on them:

  • Based on the perforation coupled with the distribution of real leather and synthetic materials, this looks to be the best combination of speed/performance of all the hybrid gloves Nike has produced during this on-going project.
  • There’s dimples on the synthetic parts.  Is Nike borrowing that from the golf ball?  Aerodynamics?  Maybe not.
  • Thank God they’re not Volt.
  • I want the trap.

These gloves pass the eye-test with flying colors, in my opinion.  What Nike does better than any other sports manufacturer ever has is they listen to athletes and learn from them.  These gloves are proof.

Big thanks to Miguel Avila @MigAvila11 for getting all these great photos together at UT.  Hook ’em.


  1. there is also an oregon colorway aswell

  2. I think Jon Lester is holding one of these in the new sports illustrated on page 36.

  3. You should do a feature on warrior black. It is the official eyeblack of Bryce Harper.

  4. Has anyone seen a first basemen’s mitt in this series?

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